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flood control or overhead sewers? Vern H
low shower pressure not head lor (CA)
American Standard Luxor #2003 Ventaway Toilet GaryB (NY)
single handle faucet not rotating well judyskokie (IL)
Replacing a pipe jimmydean (CA)
Broken shower drain help trevrep01 (KY)
condensate pump questions ddbbp (IN)
tub spout diverter broke off Nicc77 (ND)
Slow hot water Trintrin (Non-US)
Pressure reducing valve Tomlynn (NC)
Flies and sewer odor gailnilsson (MA)
Oil burner - Pressure Relief Valve Discharge dash_22 (PA)
water exiting from spout drain snoogie90 (NY)
Using PVC to repair older galvanized underground water systems grayclark (WI)
Knocking/vibrating pipe dmwiecz (MD)
Rough in settings for EL Mustee & Sons - Model 19F n1ght0w1 (MD)
Gas Furnace Expandtion Tank Irishguy (CT)
back to back bathrooms TONY W (NY)
Moen Shower Faucet Repair Doug9421 (Non-US)
Shower water temperature constantly fluctuates Jabicca (NY)
Comparison of faucets eagle (FL)
Crane 4008 Help needed egs (CT)
all apliances wife (WI)
Getting hot water when I turn on cold water KCook (MI)
unknown leak maybe no handy man (IL)
Washing machine drainage problem Mikeyboy (NC)
yard patio has a sewer but not sure what its for alpdog14 (IL) 13 
Water barely coming out on rarely used bathtub Skipper7 (FL)
Toilet flange repair bassadict69 (LA) 10 
Sink vent exhausts into cast iron vertical pipe from upstairs... srtrance (OH)
Exhaust vent for hot water tank joelabel (CA)
Supply for commercial toilet joelabel (CA)
Need help to identify maker of this shower FredaNJ (NJ)
Identify Faucet Handles HELPME (CA)
Help Identify faucets HELPME (CA)
Toilet Backflow Max powers (IL)
hot water circulator t-bird (CA)
Gas and electric water heaters together smfulle (UT)
Tenting for termites sum (FL) 17 
DWV will not stop dripping Keith1 (PA)
Hot water plumbing leak jamesfleet21 (Non-US)
Water heater or plumbing issue dypjj28 (CA)
Hose bib skeetermp28 (AZ)
Extend portable washing machine hose ausada (Non-US)
Problems with bridge style wall mount kitchen sink iamthespoon (OH)
Hot water pressure Mikegau (FL)
Using saw or jackhammer to cut through base ment floor to change... Big Stan (MD)
P-trap hub in wall rustytierod (NJ) 10 
replacing aquasource shower valve pppdx (OR) 10 
Yet another "snake caught in main sewer line" - but different craigiri (FL) 11 
Mothballing a bathroom ECKA (SC)
Bidet drain pipe asenes (CT)
Can water softener cause damage to pipes John M (FL)
Sewage pit inlet always running water without water usage. Gurneerunner (IL)
Is Flushometer Necessary . . . ? Corvinus (GA)
Incomplete work? new sewer system/need detective nancy867 (CA)
advice for beno TX.. packy (MA)
Toilet Backflow Max powers (IL)
waste stack jhe (PA)
toilet gpf akita19 (NY)
Kohler 703 (1068030) ScottyDog62 (IN)
PSI in a 3 story Apartment Building Wondering Man (CT)
Riser diagram RMM2073 (NJ) 14 
Spout installation problem snoogie90 (NY)
Why The Horizontal Vent Limitation? JCVer (CA)
Flexible Tubing for sinks? nickmiller (AK)
Using Pump for drain Senatordan39 (CA)
use of double 1/4 bend vs double fixture bend 3 inch storman60 (VA)
What is this pipe and how to fix? FrustratedNoob (KY) 12 
hot water coming out of cold water faucet whenever cold water mains... blue111 (Non-US)
Water coming out of pipe outside when sink is on SoonerFan (TX) 16 
brown water out of tub achillez (OR)
NYC - turning gas back on 504grand (NY)
Some of CSST rests between stove and kitchen cabinet. Safe? Portland3311 (OR)
Toto Toilet vmkott (Non-US)
B vent Lester (Non-US)
Vent issue Lester (Non-US)
Water hammer? Loose pipes? Pressure? Other? condowaterwoes (FL)
Gas logs needtoknow (GA)
Plumbing double vanity in bathroom Shawncp4 (TX)
Installing new kitchen sink msrs (GA)
Water supply line diameter DalePMR (IN)
water pump for basement washing machine to pump out drainage from... pamela237 (NY)
Can't find remote (in-line) 3/4" Pressure Balancing Valve sjpSanDiego (CA)
Toy ball in shower drain riddle Em (IA) 14 
Advice on re-flanging lead closet bend beno (TX) 16 
Will I die doing this? Mickel
What the Heck is a Mickel
Kitchen sink keeps gurgling and backing up? midwest (IL)
Pressure valve Tomlynn (NC)
Humming /tuning fork sound. Hot and cold water (tornado siren loud ) Sam (GA)
waukeshaplumbing I need help maxemueller (WI)
basement bathroom plumbing problem Catherine6338 (MI)
Water pressure Timbob (IL)
Complete bathroom gut job RMM2073 (NJ) 15 
Eljer single handle shower faucet problem Shorty III (KS)
Hessco Passport jetted tub JodyC (MN)
Goulds submersible pump 7EH05422 ChrisF (DE)
thermal expansion tank on water heater donnagag (DC)
Water heater keeps draining Robranger714 (TX)
Sewage Ejector pump keeps cycling every 9-10 minutes Ghost (MI) 12 
Mobile Home Questions mtnbear4570 (CA)
Ejector pump / sewer line issue? camjakb (PA) 13 
Glue / Chemical Remover for BackSplash michael123 (CA)
No hot water in 2 places valmerina (CO)
Cold water crossover rodirv (LA)
Creating water pressure to activate a tankless hwh RobinW (OK)
Roof Wood Shingles in Plumbing Vent Knobhill1 (CA)
Problem w/ well pump smcpherson59 (AZ)
Water pressure Tomlynn (NC)
Thoughts on downsizing pipe CDIS (AR)
toilet clogging gkbass3274 (IL)
Cannot turn off bathroom sink water supply. kenlawlor (FL)
water pressure Rick72 (GA)
Thermopile with interrupter help Bonafide assistant (LA)
Continuing Sediment in pipes & water heater jeffasweet (CA)
Black Liquid Oozing from Hot Water Faucet Handle skporrello (CA)
I found the Leak in my vent stack need advice please new2plum (NY) 10 
using PVC pipe to grow plants Sierra (FL)
B & G pumps : maniorkal (NY)
Big hole in house sewer trap KBecker57 (MA) 21 
Unable to level pvc fitting on schedule 40 4 inch pipe Lee (NJ) 14 
Wax from wax ring dropped in soil pipe Richmul10 (MA) 11 
toilet stops running when flushing LJC (MN)
Undermount sink marlies1964 (IN)
venting 11 fixture units 2 story with 2 inch pipe mr leak (CA)
leaking shower lromtka (Non-US)
Bonnet Leland Prejean (LA)
faucet bonnet Leland Prejean (LA)
water drainage issue off driveway achillez (OR)
Plastic Sink Handle Adapter Bob Vance (CA) 10 
Washer Drain Problem BigD (MI)
Septic smell in Bathroom Closest to Septic weezly84 (TX)
Big problem or small? Jbird1504 (FL)
Know we need a plumber Whskygrl (OH)
Can't get full hot to sinks Desi501 (FL)
Black sediment in toilets and sinks Gabjtb (AL)
Need Help Planning Water Lines to Multiple Buildings yorkfarm (NC)
water shut off forginoe2 (PA)
grey water hook up questions mr leak (CA)
Sink faucet dripping after a couple hours tumbleweed29 (CA)
tub to shower conversations Stl (CA)
Toilets sucking air Edd (NV)
Closely Spaced Tees Radiant Heat dlblu52 (OK)
Drain for old AmStd sink steve (CA)
1930's Crane Pedestal Sink Faucet PHill (TX)
Tub faucet Wdancy88 (IL)
Tub overflow has no hole Dee1723 (AZ)
attaching pedestal sink to wall mike with Hydroshield (TN)
Old Shower Valves JimboTX (TX)
3" or 4" better for closet flange 216Ryan (OH)
Stinky water closet Rockymtngal (TX)
Underground sump discharge HELP needed. ddbbp (IN) 17 
Jacuzzi tankless water heater error 12 jimbirk0 (AL)
HELP! Our washer flooded the basement and don't know why! gmarr (MD)
How NOT to install a laundry sink. ex apprentice 28 (MA) 11 
Shower faucet and pipe shifted inside wall TV2016 (WI)
Backed up drains in kitchen and washing machine HDGravett (TX)
Bathtub won't drain. Not clogged. Falken79 (OH)
Hot Water Pipes, how to prevent freezing when not home kthompson (IL)
Help Please! Fitchen Faucet Choice newbiegirl (CA)
one bathroom sink water is light brown to rusty color osubuckeyebest (IN)
My shower will not drain viginti (UT)
sewage line under toilet is frozen. JennHeath (IN)
Need help removing 90-year-old bathroom faucet SacramentoGeorge (CA)
Wet Venting a bath tub thomasgmango (NJ)
Anyone understand how to read a water meter? Joe4592 (AL)
Jet tub not working (question) pawnie (Non-US)
Black spots and debris in bath water mlincoln (VA)
Water Stained Ceiling Tile / Remodel CurtC (GA)
Not sure how to remove this stem. relc87 (IN)
low pressure only at kitchen sink elaine99 (VA)
Water softener removal didionkh (FL) 10 
sump pump Debra Harris (KY)
Septic odor Sally anne (AL)
Corroding water heater supply lines patrickm (PA)
Frozen pipes HCullen (OH)
New tank not working properly Cindydelaney (Non-US)
Tankless water heater condensate and pressure relief valve drain shanty (NC)
low pressure patrick1 (MS)
free standing bath tub no overflow drain venting question thomasgmango (NJ)
LoBoy Toilets / 1/2 in Supply Lines george 7941
Winterizing: Please Help newtoplumbing (VA)
insufficient hot water from shower slow drip even after cartridge... JRH_Orion (NJ)
Hot water at both ends of the house JCinGeorgia (GA)
finish busted sewer fill RG (IL)
Delta 1500 series unistall dhro1 (NH)
warm spot on slab floor debba13 (MD)
Back-up in never used toilet CaitlinH429 (MA)
frozen water line mobile home cluelessasian (IL)
House on top of the hill, low cycling water pressure alohatimashby (HI)
My pipes or water heater sounds like a machine gun! NotionCommotion (WA)
why didn't i think of this? brilliant... packy (MA) 12 
Low water pressure, leaking faucets Joe4592 (AL)
Toilet drain question Elarson5757 (MI)
19 gal electric water heater question chrisby (PA)
insufficient drain slope, san tees instead of wyes - advice? MattCarter (NJ)
Changes for 2015 IRC steve (CA)
I think we need a bigger snake dada (IA)
Taking one water heater out from a series setup nitlsu (TX) 19 
when this breaks do you call a plumber or electrician? packy (MA)
cloudy water BillB88 (NM)
sink basket. ex apprentice 28 (MA)
Well water take losing pressure Sf5414 (MI)
Water Supply Line Lead to PVC Ctexan (TX)
Proper placement of slop sink check valve Grillage (NJ)
basement bar sink install evannielsen (MI)
Shower is making a squealing sound when the water is off. Moppdsn (NJ)
Sink moving requiring 2 additional 1/4 bends J_Buchanan (VA)
Hello everyone melving.crane (CA)
Solder type union doogdoog (HI)
push button mikhail (NY)
Floor Drain Check Valve? Dan0 (TN)
Have I Done something awful to my water heater valve? JenRose (IN)
what type of well pump? kpc2912 (NC)
Air Admittance Valve on an Ejector Pump Pereira05 (NJ)
leaky pipe outdoor leakingg (FL)
washing machine setup yonson (NJ)
Recessed gas line in kitchen yonson (NJ)
Dishwasher/Disposal problems - clog? Sourpuss (CO)
Trying to install a standard shower head JosePalomo42 (IL)
Sediment in lines, low pressure, - new pipes & heater jeffasweet (CA)
frozen b-vent waukeshaplumbing (WI)
Recirculate on line on a tankless water heater Heckatall (TN)
Rebury water line from well to house? SerenityWoods (GA)
pressure test winterized house iralloyd (MN)
Shower Not Working Saminnj (NJ)
Toilet clogged with nail polish bottle DrFaroohk (ME)
where can i get this part? isobig2016 (PA)
Leaking Shower Head mmboys07 (WA)
Hot water recirculation system check valves KCRoto (MO)
Cartridge Valve help Rbeil (IL)
Flow-Max FMHC-170 sediment filter questions Fordtrucknut (MO)
well system yes,Iboughtit (CT)
insufficient hotwater Mr.bill (NY)
What to buy to install Ice Maker Line to fridge. I have PEX piping. JoshuaCook1217 (MI)
Compression Fitting To Go From Copper to Pex? mk7474 (NY)
Shower Drain Into Toilet GH750 (FL)
Drain pump/washer issue danolindo (NY)
boiler psi to high johnnybgood (NH) 13 
nowhere to vent Joel Stoffer (CA) 12 
Leaky tub, but not shower sarahc (WA)
Toto flush valve dis-assembly waddoguy (CA)
Enzyme drain cleaners new2plum (NY)
Can't find my brass stopper in bathtub drain Mississippidayz (MS)
Moen Brantford and Aquas handheld bidet spray ragiiyer (Non-US)
Advice about water backed into house Amy82 (PA) 15 
Pop-up Drain Bfreeman (NY)
shower head removal isobig2016 (PA)
Water pipes sound like someone blowing across the mouth of a glass... nebulous (IA)
Toilet fill valve change out sum (FL)
House on top of the hill, low cycling water pressure alohatimashby (HI)
noisy water pipes nomads505 (AZ)
Maintaining hot water temp Wilco456 (WA)
Shower Hot Water Help hotwaterfixhelp (MA)
backup tank for tankless system or recirculation? mikeodyssey (OH)
side by side duplex hand snaked a slow draining tub snake would not... Lyonsrichelle (MN)
toilet drain area whitey (MI)
Pex Supply Line Size TCnCinti (OH)
Drain tends to clog. Bad design? MattCarter (NJ)
One side of double kitchen sink won't drain when other side is closed nebulous (IA)
Stubborn slow drain cogzoid (CA)
Some advice on a PEX retrofit and PEX tools three_jeeps (PA)
Tub diverter spout, faulty_nearly impossible to renew pcaker (AZ) 10 
Gas Line question ddbbp (IN) 15 
Stack vent/ skylight leak new2plum (NY)
Slow water trickle mtrude (MN)
hot water pipe fire risk? lolo14 (IL)
quarter-turn valve leak Jonf (VT)
watersoftner PlumerDan (CA)
Low water pressure at home 2cookies (MT)
Can some one identify this shower head? latintiger (NY) 12 
Identify this tub faucet and how to fix isobig2016 (PA) 10 
Remodel rjurban (PA)
Dual Sink Clogged HKlinkhamer (IL)
kick space heater has no heat hhpheatman06 (MA)
Shower fixture rk1850 (NJ)
bathtub faucet drip not fixed by new gaskets Margaret (KS) 12 
Removing Slip Nut Discussion for University Project John Johnston (Non-US)
Rectify Slope Issue Without Opening Wall gralph (NJ)
New Install Mains Shower Hot Feed Slow / Low pressure rjo (Non-US)
secondary drain clog? dubtub104 (UT)
anode rod alorac (TX)
sink fills with hot water drains with cold water twinkles (GA)
RO Water filter system noise jjw13 (CA)
hot water tanks dangeruss (OH)
Outdoor Pipes skaskecher (NY)
Shower diverter question daless (CA)
shower insert installation sharocks (SC)
Moving plumbing lance_t_a (WA)
No hot water in 2 tubs, shower BBP (TX)
old fittings riche789 (IA)
Toilet flange help brooklynia373 (NY)
Watts SD3 1022 Backflow preventers Jim S (MI)
Hot Water Heater Intermittent Problem: Solved or Not? DaveMill (CA)
power snake stuck in drain kat777 (MI)
Well water is smelling and tasting bad recently tresmesas48 (CO)
Directional Control Valve for steam in a residential application colby (FL)
when to use Teflon thread sealer guggieboy (FL)
Submetering sum (FL) 13 
Relocating Basement Toilet cjnewcomb (MD)
water pressure suddenly dropped seferrick (VA)
Sink plumbing not draining and leaking from copper/pvc connection tkp (CO)
Best way to stop sump pump from vibrating glimmertwins (MN)
bathtub and drain compatibility JGM (FL)
warm water flow when cold faucet is turned on mgilson (NY)
Choices for connecting at the main hub (CI) jfjr (CO)
Chirping toilet Mepbr (RI)
Water won't drain completely from dishwasher sgerber52 (OH)
check valve - freeze question? gmum (IL)
no cold water in bathtub...but all other faucets do have gmccol1 (AR)
Review of plumbing rough in plans plumbingq (WA) 15 
Frozen Pipes or Something ELSE HELPS ASAP jessicamarino26 (NY)
What is the procedure to increase water line from 3/4 inch to 1.5... srkmr1 (MD)
Rust colored water from kitchen faucet barbiehoo (FL)
shower diverter replacement FritzL (NY)
Help!!!!! Bb2 (NJ)
What to expect with jetted tub repair? jnl123 (FL)
My house reeks of sewer gas!! alishamiley011 (KS)
Noise from boiler - sound conducted through pipes Noisyboiler (NY)
Jammed open plunger type tub drain NC30638 (NC)
Miobile Home Shower/Tub valve install srloren (CA)
upstairs plugged drain line tom key (TX)
garbage disposal install (high drain pipe) hanks (FL)
Revising plumbing in a condo bwitty (WI)
clogged drains sueo (ME)
Water Supply nut stuck Sesvlwl (FL)
Jetted bathtub stopper Miss Novice (Non-US)
Leak outside after dishwasher cycle calisoldier83 (CA)
No hot water in dishwasher sgerber52 (OH)
hot water heater geder62 (TX)
Drain Issues rspayde (OH)
No water after 1 week vacation. Not sure if frozen or lost prime fury.s (Non-US) 10 
cold water supply to tankless mr leak (CA)
Gas line bend- told cant install new gas stove b/c of bend pbird2va (VA) 15 
Need help to get half eaten granola bar with wrapper out of toilet... Granolaintoilet (MI)
Shower/Tub spout Bbraun (NY) 11 
Challenger water pump question Badger (WI)
Mystery leak defies gravity doc (CA)
Air in kitchen hot water line only updike49 (MD)
Zone valve problem garybeck (VT)
water pressure drop md20201 (NC)
hot water heater settings billwill (MI)
Bow venting a washing machine drain? joat2754 (CA) 12 
toliet flushing problems sbankes (TX)
Low water pressure in kitchen sink Diane in NYC (NY)
Loud water sounds when tub facuet turned on gemster43 (CA)
Handle Mechanism Kit soapcat7 (Non-US)
Too many DFU? mcberry (MI)
Low water flow in Kitchen sink, but not rest of house cmjb13 (NJ)
connecting to a clay tile bell connector Red Raspberry (IL)
Vacuum line on sink drain cag-texas (TX)
Hot Water problem srloren (CA)
Immediate Help with Sewage Ejector Pump msiddiqui (NY)
rv bathroom sinks run/kitchen - toilet do not sstrutz (OR)
Bathroom sink - pop up assembly Quizzle23 (CO)
happy new year ddbbp (IN)
Question about permit 504grand (NY)
bathroom tub/shower drain dospesos (TX)
1-3/4" OC Faucets that are deck mounted campbem (MO) 15 
Replacing power vent with direct vent water heater brainfisch (NJ)
leaking flush valve in Mansfield toilet MikeFerguson (PA)
Faucet working incorrectly Cookie1969 (NJ)
Leaky bathtub Meli0611 (GA)
Heat not coming up on second floor of 3 story house Annemichelle (NY)
Does my pump need venting? ddbbp (IN)
Bathtub hot water flows pinebranch (SC)
Best connections to CI in limited height jfjr (CO)
Water pressure noise agado (VA)
4 piece tub shower VS one piece NEW BUILD Pups1 (WI) 13 
Reoccuring smell in the bathroom eskiipoo (Non-US)
sanitary crock moody2 (OH)
dezinctification koffel (NC)
Well water softener sinanisjg (CT)
happy new year pommesfrites (NY)
Washing machine drain issue rls680 (AL)
Rinnai tankless water heaters jimbo (WV)
Accessing shut of valves Kris (Non-US)
Sewer smell, what is after smoke test fails? kolevbg (TX)
Very bad smell while running washing machine osasco2 (Non-US)
Kitchen sink drain question lance_t_a (WA)
Bathroom vent Rudyj06 (IL)
Recirculating Pump - HotWater kin1 (FL)
need help - can clean out cap be left off in freezing temps? xandrewx00 (TX)
Air gap unit for dishwasher Asianskibum (WA)
Moen Pull Out Faucet & Portable Dishwasher jenmcnitt (MN)
septic tank connection ceh (AL)
dw tail piece. ex apprentice 28 (MA)
Foul smell in basement. wmitchell (MN)
removing rusted bolts tmomie (MD)
Low hot water pressure in sink only Bmwaldrop (OK)
best hardware shower & tub fixtures nova (WA)
Flushmate to std flush valve WilliamA (CA)
Sump pit smell JoeZ (IL)
Using Existing Stack and Vent for Basement Sink riker439 (CO)
Water pressure low / Central MA tkirish (MA)
Moen Faucet handle removal? badgerputz (WI)
Anyone have a clue to who made this 1930's tub faucet, and where i... viragosilverado (NY)
Moen Shower Diverter Valve... Frankster (CA)
Way too hot! Cluelessmegan (Non-US)
water hammer miketx (TX)
Air gap to garbage disposal connection question Del59 (CA) 13 
Basement toilet concrete floor Hikermann (WA)
hot water jbmcardle66 (FL)
dezinctification koffel (NC)
Removing & replacing shower cartridge mr leak (CA)
Steam radiator sizing sloopguy (PA) 13 
dip switch settings for a Jacuzzi J-sn180F-2 steveeyre (LA)
turn-off nozzle under sink Apple (Non-US)
Shower Handle Doesn't Turn + No Hot Water wcc201 (CA)
Connecting a main copper line from street to meter roddycantplumb (OH)
Removing remaining water from hose bib lines gbonawitz (PA)
how to remove stagnant water from shower membrane, not caused by a... Ohnowhattodo (MN)
Kitchen sink clogged moved downstairs to Washer machine Sink Spiderman4 (NJ)
Toto thermostatic valve and diverter valve issues mylegs (TX)
Adjusting water pressure switch and tank DrFaroohk (ME)
soap leak test question ddbbp (IN)
dropped septic line repair danh (OR)
Correcting improperly vented plumbing system bosrox (MA)
black iron pipe thread question? ddbbp (IN) 11 
Bathroom Rough in Problem jthompsonvt (VA)
A big thump and a small thump DIYHomeOwnerNC (NC)
Estimate of cost and time Bkllula123 (CA)
threaded joints leaking gj13us (PA)
HELP with bathtub drain dalbert101 (MS)
pvc compression fit to copper? gj13us (PA)
no hot water then -whoosh! while toilet is running StephW (CA)
copper and concrete ddbbp (IN)
To replace a tub spout do i need to shut off water supply? tansuaksu (FL)
Loud Noise mkastner1 (AZ)
The saga continues... sewer water in sump pump JH87 (CT) 24 
Help with rebuilding laundry sink faucet darxvad (HI)
Basin mixer tap for low pressure systems Bez (Non-US)
Sewer backflow problem pando (CA)
Kitchen sprayer no pressure, already replaced diverter and sprayer Susieq1064 (WI)
leaky faucet patsfannyc1 (NY)
replace faucet patsfannyc1 (NY)
Stuck handle Mike26 (PA)
handle hub poj (IL)
High BTU range installation jakeb (CA)
No hot water from bathtub faucet Boilerfrustration (NJ)
Tub spout installation sirsharpz (NJ)
Toilet in basement Blackt07 (MO)
Replacing Pro Series 4-Stage RO Filters ether (TX)
Small water leak behind toilet lid condogal (MI)
Toilet is very, very slow when filling condogal (MI)
How Does a Hose Pressure Regulator Work? Jeff L (CA)
Hot water heater T&P valve discharge sum (FL)
Clogged Symmons Shower Valve LostApprentice (CA)
failed PEX tubing Farmerpattie (CA)
wrench teeth marks ddbbp (IN)
dedrob dedrob (CA)
Improper Venting?!?! chattanoogagirl (TN)
small leak in solder joints around main water shut off HH (Non-US)
Reconnecting Cut ABS Pipe NLITY (AZ)
Refrigerator Water Line repeatedly turns sulferous rhfritz (MD) 14 
electric water heater kdb (NE)
This forum is invaluable. :clap: mr leak (CA)
worst silicone calk mr leak (CA)
shark bite fitting mr leak (CA)
Direct vent hot water heater Jonhenry (MD)
Low Shower Pressure RenovMan (CA)
Washer drain Lolo Ramirez (TX)
weak to no flush shaman (IL)
Plumbers Beware- Recycling Your Trucks Wheelchair (IL)
sealing voids around copper pipes gmum (IL)
Rust, Corrosion, Sedement in Galvanized Pipe Fab Malin (CA)
having troubles with adhesive caulk - dap waukeshaplumbing (WI)
Shower water not hot tkirish (MA)
Pex for basement baseboards tkirish (MA)
rotten newish galvanized ddbbp (IN)
green copper oxide on pipe gmum (IL)
How do you drain washer water when you have no drain hole and can't... Wonder Woman (TX) 22 
mystery jondietrick (MA)
drain problems ubercarlee (WA)
main shutoff - sweat or threaded? ddbbp (IN)
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Basement bathroom rough in feasibility mcberry (MI)
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