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AO Smith gas heater water tank doesn't flush gregoireg (CA)
flushed rag bossette (PA)
where this drain water from? ddbbp (IN)
shower shuts off jon&nikki (MI)
Connect hammer arrester *after* a supply stop? nocents (AK)
using copper water line with pellet stove insert robfamlaw (MO)
will an AAV fix this gurgle gmum (IL)
hot water piping lengths, wait times roundrightfarm (WV)
Yard hydrant installation dan222 (OH)
Basement floor drain backing up BFINE107 (MN)
Hot Water Tank Randy R (ID)
Shower head leaking gdcall (MO)
Pipes too close to the wall to fit skirting beccajeff123 (NY)
water mixing, or not? edmcginn (TX)
BillM grampmel (CT)
gas shut off valarie (PA)
How high do you frame for the threshold for a tile shower? srloren (CA)
3 stage commercial sink install Sweetmountain (WI)
Tub spout diverter backing up Westcory (WA)
Toilet Flange Height scottscar54 (FL)
do I need a new hot water heater? brucatf (TX)
Water Pressure Balance? Callmewhatuwant (VA)
Ancient Pentagonal Pipes sum (FL)
crack in bathtub liner williet57 (OK)
in case you can't decide which way to face the trap packy (MA)
Tub has been backed up and slow for months riehs (FL)
Is this double vanity trapped wrong? ddbbp (IN)
Well water Dcastleberry (CA)
running Galvanized pipe along side of the house nyan_cat_rises (TX)
PVC Cement? Dan0 (TN)
Ice maker guy6222 (CA) 13 
Shower valve temp control fail BeardedRobot (CA)
Hot water on demand + HE washer MJP (Non-US)
Source for copper tubing and parts other than big box stores Shecky (OH)
black water and smell from hot water- 1 month old water heater rheem waukeshaplumbing (WI)
Showerhead keeps leaking at pipe jdola (GA)
tub drain pipe tough to repair columbusshoes (OH)
Supply Stops/Pipe Dope alliance (KS)
My drains suck ddbbp (IN)
I did an insanely stupid thing!! TWICE!! sum (FL) 13 
Fixing the rotten egg smell from my washing machine srosarge (IN)
Washer standpipe overflow. C.Robnson (WI)
PEX vs Copper Dan0 (TN) 10 
water supply jdiesing (AZ)
50.49 Moisture Test on concrete house slab JH SGB (CA)
toe touch tub drain too tall to seal karstmama (NC)
My bathroom sink has no overflow. Should I get a drain without an... Bobrob33 (KY)
Why would a toilet keep drawing water if clogged? sdb101 (ME)
is my roof stack clogged? ddbbp (IN)
Intermittent Loss of Well Water Monkees (WI)
Faucet Stem ID frustration Alathea (NE)
Kitchen sink outflow pipe Serena (OR)
Pvc glue on pex pipe RR60 (VA)
hot and cold supply lines- best practices roundrightfarm (WV)
sewer cleaning - NOISE! gmum (IL) 10 
steam leaking out of steam room - can we use putty to block it KerryinTo (Non-US) 13 
Diaphragm Pressure Tank leaking, steady flow, need to remove it and... CBD123 (SC)
Plumbing Rough-In in Cellar Andrea (NJ)
re plumb whole house slab house homeowner (TX)
If my bathroom sink has no overflow holes, must I use a drain... Bobrob33 (KY)
starting a vent with a 45 degree angle roundrightfarm (WV)
sink supply cut off valves in Boston - compression or sweat? kyleb (MA)
Replaced my faucet and the damn thing wont stop leaking Bobrob33 (KY)
Brand of faucet???????????? slangley (TX)
Kitchen Sink won't drain carolvetre (MA)
Shower valve body securing SC maintenance (MA)
Kitchen sink faucet handles are backwards treeefingers (IL)
cpvc pipe PTECH (NM)
Drain Flies 1Iohsmfnl2 (PA)
Drainage brer_rabbit_2k3 (AR)
Can anyone please look at the image and tell me if this repair is... leoniddolbir (SC)
3/4" IPS threaded tub Spout needed duplex (FL)
Crack in lead pipe connection to flange toiletprobs (OK)
which spud do i order for a urinal drain? jeffcrane (FL)
Basement Shower Drain shellback78 (WI)
removing spout Kavaler (NJ)
freestanding tubs gilmorec73 (MI)
drain set tunacan27 (CA)
basement ceiling leak km001 (KS)
While using Wash machine, water backs up in bathroom sink judithva50 (VA)
DWV System sketch, venting ok? plumbersputty (NJ)
Installed new faucet--do I have to wait 24 hours to test for leaks? Bobrob33 (KY)
Bathroom vent fan, can it be through the wall ? cbrag (NC)
A sewer smell we can not get rid of DChapman (CA) 11 
expansion tank location to prevent water damage udaman (TX)
Pfister replacement stems backing out Sigshot (NJ)
Rotten egg smell Christopher B (VA)
Help me find the best Two handle shower rough in valve Richard Bishop (TX)
basement drain backups DBL A (MN)
1/4" Fall vs 1/2"... Dan0 (TN) 11 
Price Pfister shower set syakoban 10 
Drain problems Doctorrrrr (IL)
Closed ChrisP (IN)
Please,help IceFogel (Non-US)
working heater, but cool water. Harper9812 (AL)
help w faucet model # waukeshaplumbing (WI)
Cracked pipe when removing old toilet Anthonydb15k (DC)
Slime 1234julie4321 (Non-US)
Frost free faucet bskern (IN)
Water Main to Hose Bib? Dan0 (TN)
Clothes washer P-trap heighth K-dog (TX)
Mandatory vacuum break in MA? PhilipJ (MA)
Shimming bathroom sink cut-out? psychopengy (ID) 15 
water leaking and making loud noise Richard London (CA)
Sewer Gas Smell When Using Washing Machine badbathsmell (IL)
Second story bathroom Franklee13 (OH)
Toilet Ceaser (FL)
Whirlpool House filter and softner in line vegasbenson (NV)
State water heater cracked piece gmum (IL)
Basement Rough Plumbing Bhavin (MI)
Water in toilet bowl turns dark and smells after non use sum (FL) 10 
Mystery plumbing noise car46999 (AL) 15 
Gerber toilet K Jun1987 dwalden (MN)
Is lead and oakum Acceptabe srloren (CA) 16 
Cast iron kitchen sink with a leaky drain Melpreston76 (SC)
tn journeyman exam chaseneil13 (TN)
Dishwasher - water shut off - flood? scr274 (Non-US)
Water Too Hot CANDID (SC)
Dishwasher/disposal lines can do (VA)
turn on shower water leaks from knob and the shower lindasuebob (CA)
Exterior drain line? new homeowner (WA)
Water heater shed requirements davidr222 (CA)
faucet and shower fixtures mph (TX)
pvc joint leakage mjbish (PA)
Need help isolating a leak... diyer2015 (NY)
Hot water puggins (VA)
bathroom faucet failure dcmchicago (IL)
Price Pfister Cartridge birddoggiest (ID)
Noise after running water lauriewing1 (MA)
Shower Drain Riser not plumb nicholas123 (FL)
Old Tub Spout Removal diyer1 (MD) 15 
Dry Toilet scubagrl72 (NE)
Installing bidet on NYC prewar "flushomatic" queenslvr819 (NY) 12 
Installing utility sink - no idea where it can be hooked into Bluecougargirl (MI)
packy's newest invention packy (MA)
Need help finding a 1/4 x 1/4 x 3/8 OD brass tee september (IL)
Replacing old Toilet Flange...Help! dcraig1357 (VA)
Replacing a water heater, adding a bathroom, water pressure problems JeanBean (NY)
Washer drain 6 feet from shared vent mrsfriend (CA)
Sink Drain size Lioneye (WA)
Rain Showerhead 8" vs 10" valve and diverter Vicky (NJ)
pipe in foundation new homeowner (WA)
Copper Sulphate coating building up seashore6315 (NJ)
Manabloc system water temp issue puzzledinnj (NJ)
Shower faucet plumbing arev (IL)
Code requirement to replace gas shutoff valve on new water heater? edge (NJ)
Pop-up Stopper For Bath Dinks JES (TN)
Shower Drain - How Much to Replace? stevemac00 (WI)
TOILET joe f. (FL)
Tank to Bowl Toilet problem please help! abw88 (SC)
gas shut off to dryer srosarge (IN)
Smell when running washing machine srosarge (IN)
Eljer 1965 rear discharge WestTexas555 (TX)
Electric Water Heater Hookup? Dan0 (TN)
Black particles out of cold water pipe glueymooey (VA)
wrong glue on pvc ziggles (MA)
how to remove an old, stripped shower stem ericje (CA)
faucet logo? sbalog (NC)
drain line conundrum new homeowner (WA)
"Zoeller Qwik Jon model 202 A" question BWX (NY)
mysterious leak leakonfleek (MI)
wall hung/carrier toilet that also sits on the floor-replacement? waukeshaplumbing (WI)
backfilling technique? gmum (IL)
Need Help Identifying Tubing EricPeterson (TX)
drains clogged have tried everything can think of. newoldhouseblues (CA)
parallel WH's Doug E. (CA)
old gas shut off tawny (OH)
How to seal between abs and shower drain srloren (CA) 15 
iron pipe insulation acumenre (NY)
planting over sewer line gmum (IL)
Airlock In Condo Bldg w recirc system straydog73 (DC)
Checking slope of sewer main? ddbbp (IN)
ac drain line condensation youn761 (TX)
portable dishwasher causes leaking phrita (AK)
Well pump problem? shpxnvz (MD)
Anyone Recognise This Faucet? george 7941
Dehumidifier Drainage zefmanx (MI)
bathtub strainer body tunacan27 (CA)
Flow limiter for Hans Grohe Aktiva A8 shower head OldDude (CA)
5" center, 2 handle shower faucet only Larryhodg (ME) 12 
Outside water shut off advice please. jimpicstuff (TX)
water tank curiousme545 (OH)
Leaky Faucets sunnyboyat (GA)
New 1/2 bath and laundry set-up - Freeport ME agentzed (ME)
Noisy Flush gmum (IL) 11 
shower faucet lgal (CA) 10 
toilet flange repair problem dan_jackson_us (TX)
Finding a house trap jblanche (WI)
Need inbetween length of threaded pipe Jonny (WA) 15 
Outflow house sewer line gate valve picohi (IL)
Hole found in drain pipe! pcady (PA)
Newbie question about connecting a dishwasher pas_plombier (Non-US) 11 
hot water heater leak Wildduk (GA)
toilet rocks bugstein (TX)
No water out of bathroom faucet mlowsey (TX)
Kitchen Sink Drain Route? Dan0 (TN)
Under mount sink garbage disposal question TomV (MD)
Down stairs double kitchen sink plumbing mystery. snadeau456 (CT)
Vintage plumbing mystery pipes essco (NE)
overflow on roof brandonn (PA)
What kind of faucet is this? sstarrett (TX)
Hook-up Portable Washer to Kitchen Faucet loonscall (ME)
Mixet cartridge install gone bad calisoldier83 (CA)
grundfos circulating pump UP15 18 SU wynerdog (CA)
Two toilets clogged RusH78 (SC)
bath faucet handle is screwless, not able to take it apart for fixing zanna (CA)
Rivo faucets rfrazier13 (CA)
buried fernco and backfilling? fedred (IL)
flushing uphill chappy (OK)
Replacing faucet where holes drilled too close to sink... Annwhal (CA)
Indirect hot water tank grampmel (CT) 12 
bead of glue around pvc joint ddbbp (IN)
toilet design flaw? justin (NM)
Bathtub Overflow Plate bruceb (NC)
Red potato clogging toilet Luckijinks (WV)
upstairs leak corbett (TN)
Outdoor faucet leaking when valve is open kangle (OR)
No hot water.... Eric306 (Non-US)
Best material for stall shower or tub srloren (CA)
Hot water tank noise Rstack (MI)
water hammer (now) returning too soon nocents (AK)
Steam generator Plumbcrazy47 (CA)
Bubbles in sewage exhaust pipe Ronit (PA)
Yellow water Neilb25 (NY)
Vent Size for Washing Machine Drain? Dan0 (TN) 13 
Washing Machine Backing Up Naychan07 (TN)
Mystery hot water line leak ankan (Non-US)
Removing Moen Cartridge in two-handle bathroom sink Ksb (AL)
Moen 1225 with Lever Handle in shower bwhit (OH)
water pipe depth gmum (IL)
lights in house flickering cvcman (NY) 18 
Floor Drain Under Refrigerator? Dan0 (TN)
cast iron pump rust ddbbp (IN)
Left-handed/hot water conflict northcarolinalefty (NC)
positive pressure mikedel28 (NY)
leaking main drain pipe lburgos (NY)
Toilet and sink clogged Olivia (Non-US)
Outside faucet trexmon (PA) 12 
Cap off sink drain Steve Garwacki (TX)
acrylic or fiberglass maintenancepaul (Non-US)
multiple relief lines Betty Boop (WA)
Sink clogged...dishwasher has water in it too carolinagirl252 (NC)
toilet issue jstevenson58 (OH)
Toilet flange gap?? Timbo25 (MN) 11 
cut water supply line to dishwasher Monica.petteway (HI)
pipe replacement slope question ddbbp (IN)
Shower head leaks when sprinkler system starts JoeB (NJ)
cooling water for evaporative swamp cooler mr leak (CA)
Question regarding flat plumbing drains in Condo Garage srloren (CA)
Champion 4 Tank Wobble fedred (IL) 15 
Case 3000 toilet ssmits (CA)
Laundry standpipe and vent branch fall toddmanqa (NY)
copper water line inside abandoned B vent pipe ? mr leak (CA)
Flow Check Valve Adjustment gcsmial (PA)
old drain pipe meet new drain pipe... bottleneck? gmum (IL)
shower doors Tom V (CA)
Roman Tub With Hand Shower Francisco Rios (VT)
Hot Water Heater filling up cooldav69 (TX)
How to turn off water to sink? JB727 (AZ)
Hot Water tank drainage Karo (SC)
Help repair leaky bathroom faucet jbl2015 (TX) 10 
drain slope... is this a belly? fedred (IL)
plastic cleanout torque gmum (IL)
flapper fables? oucm2 (NC)
asphault tar vs. PVC? gmum (IL)
Well pump keeps tripping Catherine (MD)
"moaning" toilet Hokulea (HI)
Trap in bathroom marked defective whatevenisthat (WA)
new bathroom DWV roundrightfarm (WV)
Gas water heater whistling middleguy (Non-US)
oil tank replacement northern (NY) 17 
Leak heard in wall Msteelejr (NC)
shower faucet valve repair wiklest (MA)
Can't find a leak Kfred (CA)
Pex and water heater valve prob RR60 (VA)
Re-piping house DataCable (OH)
Disposal & double sink rookie_plumber (TN)
cold water not coming out of pipe in shower newoldhouseblues (CA)
slow drip from sewer pipe in basement danell (KS)
water pressure fluctuation fran (TX)
Electric Water Heater Temperature Issues PinkQuartzLion (TN)
Water heater wiring/Breaker eschat (FL) 13 
Can't find leak Twin1209 (IA) 15 
help to find rebuild kit for lawn hydrant lostontheriver (Non-US)
Faucet Wrenches george 7941 10 
slow running water only when multiple faucets are on chowah (HI)
water pressure fluctuation hislaws (FL)
New heating system northern (NY) 24 
Condensation Tech0515 (PA) 15 
Exposing the sewer line ddbbp (IN) 10 
no flange on toilet bspence (Non-US)
Water coming out handle not spout or shower bottomsup6 (OH)
Natural Gas Valve Trains over over 400,000 btus pbr2424 (NH)
Solder corrosion and leaks in residential hot water copper elbows. Jbwither97 (LA) 11 
cause of muddy gunk in water lines rmerrill54 (TX)
ferncos vs drain cleaning machine fedred (IL) 12 
toilet noise khujo56 (Non-US)
bathroom lavatory drain leak peanuts (TX)
Visible pipes through dropceiling svikqc (Non-US) 11 
Riser Clamps gmum (IL) 15 
Case 3000 Toilet Issues bobd23 (NY)
Installation of dishwasher with no existing plumbing debbiewasagabeach (Non-US)
Studor vent on outside vent pipe taylr (OK)
Nobody wants to see your p-trap. Send some to the floor drain. nicholas123 (FL)
acid neutralizer Dave from Danbury (WI)
cast to clay transition? ddbbp (IN)
Shower does not drain properly sometimes sharonalloway (CA)
Gas shut off valve location pbr2424 (NH)
portable washer upstairs affecting plumbing downstairs highsuds (OR)
SNAKING A DOUBLE-WYE (back-to-back sinks)? RANCHER (CA) 26 
I need to vent an outside 3" ABS sewer pipe by window lngfish (SC)
Condensate pump question hospcfo (KY)
Odd Toilet wilsonz (NY)
weepy cast iron wye gmum (IL) 12 
Why no Dielectric Union? defenderjim (MD)
hot water recirc line pinhole - quick fix henny13 (CO)
Laars Lite 2 pool heater, pilot wont stay lit deedub (IL)
Lead free laws and existing systems jerryschultz (OR)
Underfloor heating wont turn off matthewkeen (Non-US)
outside cleanout and pvc sleeve question fedred (IL) 16 
Water spouting out from behind cold water knob rush_2929 (SC)
Moen diverter William (NJ)
Sewer gas in downstairs bath WillTryToFixIt (TX)
Moen model number Shannonstokes (SC)
Slow Drain Sink davgu3 (Non-US)
pressure variances in home gmum (IL) 11 
Smell from kitchen sink Zoey1122 (ME)
Drain venting -- combo dry and wet? huckleberrypie (CA)
Acrylic bathtub installation. mazeone (AZ)
I only get hot water to upstairs master bedroom bathroom Boss Hog (CA)
Tramco Flood Control Pump greekguy7 (IL)
draining my water system gmum (IL)
Banging sound in pipes - water pressure issue? [video] andrew_psch (VA)
runny flux question gmum (IL)
Banging Pipe sctsfishin (CO) 14 
Evidence of Leak in Bathroom While Out of Town- Next Steps? Becky (NY)
built in overflow valve KitKat (NC)
Refrigerator supply line Ol_Dave (MA)
Water Pressure glendag (TX)
Faulty Copper?? Hun21 (MS)
Backflow Preventer for Frostless Hydrant on well? CTSNicholas (NE) 16 
need shower valve stem identified! medavedude (CA)
ECO water heater question ddbbp (IN) 19 
need help reading an old permit, Los Angeles kerin111 (CA)
Bathtub spout tcquilter (MI)
sump into sanitary/storm fedred (IL)
Backflow Preventers on Carbonation Systems in Indiana Sr. Plbg Designer (IN)
Venting gas regulators Sr. Plbg Designer (IN)
Weird 3D plumbing--legit? philesra (CA) 13 
vent stack noises expofan62 (IL)
No water flow to tub/shower faucets EDK (CA)
teflon tape direction gmum (IL) 22 
UPDATED PHOTOS: Please check my plumbing before we pour the slab,... upnorthmuskieman (WI) 15 
pex "fitting system" mr leak (CA) 20 
new toilets not glazed well electricpooper (MA) 12 
galvanized nipple question gmum (IL)
Hot Or Cold, Choose One. entropy (FL)
Acidic well water, pH 5.1 electricpooper (MA) 10 
Residue in cold water pipes Loretta Evans (TN)
Relentless bathroom faucet leak Hawksworth (KS)
Mortar bed above floor drain RR60 (VA)
Sewer smell sanwel1 (KY)
Washing machine drain cjnspc (MS)
Bathroom Sink Installation Problem rkteck (NY)
Gurgle at drains billbix (IA)
Low water pressure in tub but not sink mdbasinger (AR)
preferred way to vent in this pic senixon (WA)
Valve identification spacetex (TX) 10 
Sewer pipe Dad-1975 (KS)
3 Valve tub replacement kurtsbug (TN)
copper vs pvc pipe Chipper (IL) 13 
Low hot water pressure to only one faucet LouSieber (TX)
Is this Geberit Layout Code Approved? stevemac00 (WI)
Hi Pitch hissing noise in the house when water turns on. liem919 (GA)
DWV on pump gmum (IL)
disconnecting Apollo Heating HighAndDry (VA)
Could use some help on kitchen sink drain senixon (WA)
Water Heater Temperature Overshoot? ddbbp (IN) 18 
Please check my plumbing before we pour the slab, Thanks upnorthmuskieman (WI)
Tightening Strength for T&P valve gmum (IL) 14 
Shower handles and stems are stripped meesh (PA)
water heater nipple 4ripley2 (SC)
Leak from pipe at well seal James147 (CA) 10 
Water on despite water supply turned off Jeffdc (GA)
Hot water to shower diminishes after 10 minutes J1000 (MO)
water not hot enough lanimat (OK)
water heater safety leaking gmum (IL) 12 
Replacing Exterior Sillcock airsense00 (MI)
Rotten Egg Smell mdandlilly (OH)
bathroom sink dstuermer (CA)
pipe penetration leak ddbbp (IN)
Clean vent on roof seniorlady (LA)
Dishwasher drainage into sink mystery instrumentally (UT)
supporting water heater tank gmum (IL)
pressure gauge question ddbbp (IN)
comments about Lakos twist to clean sediment traps? Fixitangel (NC)
Water turning cold in shower/back to hot Joeap (MA)
Use of soft vs hard Type L Copper for Socal Indoor Repiping? sansoo (CA)
ceiling fan leaking water Theresa (MD)
Quarter turn shutoff valve won't completely close limeygent (TX)
main house water valve frankieb (MD)
water heater rickyroo (GA)
Black Poly Water Line Mavtechinc (PA)
Sealant help Baitshopboy (IL)
Well Pump Removal avisk8 (IL)
pvc male adaptors. ex apprentice 28 (MA)
water pump cannot keep pressure for entire shower S.Craddock (NC)
Does floor need to be dugged up to repair pipe that had tree roots Mikehaergo (CA) 10 
water line increase from 3/4" to 1" socaljerry (CA)
What is the name for this water tank fitting ? allserene (WI)
Leaky hose bib - can't dissasemble? smitity (MD)
fluidmaster continuous trickle into bowl from overflow pipe limeygent (TX) 16 
gas hot water heater soxfan6 (CT)
securing CI drain gmum (IL) 10 
Help!! Sewage ejector pump gets smelly on hot summer day yaya74 (NJ)
electric water heater garybaran (WI)
Lost a drain snake down the bathroom sink pipes, Now what. MegatronWasHere (IL) 10 
Weird toilet problem..... tin foil hat (GA)
3/4" Pipe to House - Adding Lines, Water Pressure Concern? Citizen206 (WA)
Valley Faucets pilot werth (MI)
What type of pipes used in slab foundation in 1954 house? lisaann (MI)
Plastic tape under collar on joint? Andyjkhan (Non-US)
How to make entry into laundry room with PEX from an outside trench kumba (FL) 13 
rusty barnacles on Cast Iron Drain gmum (IL) 10 
Moen shower valve problem or Ghosts? uncledan (NY)
Wirsbo or Watts CTSNicholas (NE)
claw foot shower stem leak gmr1126 (NY)
bathroom sink Carolanne (CT)
connecting new drains to old drain pipe aprice (KS)
Slow leak before the main shutoff mijclarke (IL)
tempiture control valve with volume controls old plumber (NJ)
plastic to metal threaded connection gmum (IL)
cutting through floor joists aprice (KS)
Price Pfister 900-022 GP (FL)
expansion tank install gmum (IL)
Rusted screw in tiled bathroom wall Cowabunga438 (FL)
Faucet nosirrah (TX)
sewer flies in a newly remodeled bathroom apollostreet (CT)
"Street ELBOW" on a Left Drain Fiberglass shower causing drain to... telgin (FL) 11 
air gap joybob (NY)
how to fix bidet with sewer gas smell wendymb8 (AZ)
Bosch Aquastar 125 tankless HWH athens308 (IL) 12 
TRV drip ddbbp (IN) 19 
Loose Moen kitchen faucet jenmig (PA)
Basement plumbing with no vents? missionman (KY)
Outdoor bib shutoff Timmorrissey (VA)
turbulence 90 fittings pump gmum (IL)
Delta cartridge in my tub shower valve Marplu (OH)
Venting / waste pipe question shore601 (NJ)
Tub drain leaking jefrank (MI) 13 
passing PVC pipe under walkway Sean111 (CA)
odd sump question ddbbp (IN)
how strong is a drain sewage pipe? barbiaux (PA) 12 
Yard hydrant gold detective (WA)
Water pressure and evil shower issue RedNunez (CA)
installing continuously circulating hot water - should I replace... Tom the Elder (CA)
Help in identifing shower valve x12media (TX)
Original toilet had 14" rough in new toilet 12" why is the new... wyowapiti (WY)
Jetting question Doug E. (CA)
what's the right stem cartridge? plumberpaul (CA)
Alternative to Fernco Rubber Coupling TDixon (MD)
How should i run these pipes? ctspros (NC)
Water Softener: Continuous Cycle of Regeneration and no softened water RichardFife (AZ)
Septic Tank Pipe goes into concrete foundation box? Garosstj (CT)
Backyard Drain to Sewer - Trap pburgess6 (NY)
Pressure tank Kels0203 (FL)
Me again about sewer gas smell in upstairs shower mrob (MI)
Moving washing machine - need new hoses? newtoplumb (Non-US)
Water shut off valve to toilet will not turn off Ceekay (AZ)
mansfield toilet tank #160 Ceekay (AZ)
Dishwasher air gap leaking...from UNDER sink... flyerphann (MD)
Can PVC fitting hub be reduced this much? nicholas123 (FL) 18 
Shower Faucet Rocklinbill (CA)
does a washing machine p trap is removable? sarmiben (FL)
Clogged line - Drain Field replacement necessary? theloniouszen (WI)
water heater warranties 6,9,12? garywill (OH)
rotating installed shower arm irisa (Non-US)
Bathtub Valves failing? jackofnotrades (LA)
electric water htr staplez761 (AR)
Does a shower drain need continuous slope? mrsfriend (CA)
Unwanted Heat, Thermostat disconnected overheated (NY) 15 
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