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 Whole House Water Monitors
Author: KarmaEffect (OH)

Asking for peoples experiences with whole house water monitors and if they are effective and worth installing or just a good idea but not practical

Thanks all,

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 Re: Whole House Water Monitors
Author: vic (CA)

For at least the last 2 years I've been enjoying having a Flume brand ( flumewater.com ) water monitor/sensor attached to my water meter. IF your water meter is compatible with the Flume 2 water monitor and you can afford to pay as much as $249 (sometimes they have them on sale as well as some water suppliers have offered rebates on them) then I highly recommend installing a Flume water monitor.

About every 12-18 months you will need to buy a new/replacement Flume battery for it ( currently $19.99).

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 Re: Whole House Water Monitors
Author: packy (MA)

i'm just guessing but sometimes home owners insurance offers a policy discount for devices that will save them money if a claim is made.

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 Re: Whole House Water Monitors
Author: bsipps (PA)

Right not only that but some insurance companies will lower your annual premium as well

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 Re: Whole House Water Monitors
Author: vic (CA)

My Flume 2 is very accurate and has saved me some moneys/water as I have 2 toilets one of which we rarely use. It had a VERY slow leak which I wasn't aware of and yet my Flume 2 water monitor figured that out and send me a notice that possibly I had a toilet water slow leaking issue.

When I fill my bathtub, do a load of laundry and so on I can see exactly how many gallons it took.

Their easy to use app (I use Android) lets me see details of water useage by hour, day and month.

I can set it to notify me of running water at any gph that I set it for and for the length of time that I chose to set it for. So for example I can set it to notify me if my water runs longer that 1, 14, 27 minutes while at 1, 3, 10 or whatever gph rate.

It's very easy to install (although be sure to confirm that your water meter is compatible with the Flume brand).

I don't know anyone at Flume, have never communicated with them (other than placing an order for my personal use). The plumbing supply company that I founded has sold many millions worth of plumbing products and I have personally recommended Flume a number times. I do not get nor have ever asked for or received any financial rewards from Flume.

I really like my Flume 2!

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 Re: Whole House Water Monitors
Author: DaveMill (CA)

Wondering what problem the OP is trying to solve? Do you have a mystery leak? Do you want detection of water usage when not home? Is water super expensive in your area? Even with expensive water, it would take a lot of savings to pay back $249...

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