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 Garden hose connection leak
Author: sum (FL)

I have what may be a really dumb question.

When I connection a female hose end to a spigot male end like a hose bibb or the male end of another hose, if the connection leaks, it is usually one of two things, the female collar needs to be tightened further, or the washer/gasket inside is worn or missing. This is simple.

However, when the "back" side of the connection leaks - I mean between the crimped metal "neck" and the back of the female connection, is there a fix? Refer to the picture below on the location of the leak. I seem to have quite a few of these happening lately...connections that worked for a long time then once taken apart and reconnected, leaks like that. I checked, double checked, the washer, even replaced it, even doubling up, no use.

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 Re: Garden hose connection leak
Author: steve (CA)

I have seen the brass tube, near the flange(hose side of washer) crack and leak, as well as the leak coming from under the crimped ferrule.

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 Re: Garden hose connection leak
Author: Curly (CA)

What Steve said.

Cut off leaking end and and install new one.

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 Re: Garden hose connection leak
Author: sum (FL)

So no cure once it starts to leak on the back end?

What kind of hose mender is best? I have better luck with the kind that is brass with a barb end inserted into the cut hose then tighten with a hose clamp but my wife hates it says the hose clamp is not kind to her fingers when she attaches or detaches from a quick release connection.

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 Re: Garden hose connection leak
Author: george 7941 (Canada)

Yeah, the worm drive clamps cut into your hands.

I use the Oetiker 2 ear clamps or pex type single ear cinch clamps and will even wrap some tape around the clamp or heat shrink a sleeve over the clamp to make it even kinder to the hands.

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 Re: Garden hose connection leak
Author: Curly (CA)

Our sponsor sells this one that I have had good luck with...


They also make the same type with a brass hose end and pot metal clamping device.

I did not find this style on our sponsors website.

George's way is also good - I just don't have the tool for Oetiker clamp.....A good reason to get a new tool !

Hose clamps are tough on the hands.

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