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 Hot water pipes
Author: lisab1960 (WY)

Hello. I'm having problems with hot water, it doesn't come out of the faucet, ANY faucet. No noise, nothing. Cold water works fine. I'm in a mobile home, we had our exposed pipes heat taped, new water heater a month ago and our skirting is insulated. I live in Wyoming, we got hit with negative 40 and below a couple weeks ago, so assuming frozen pipes, the plumber put a turbo heater under the trailer, worked for a day, then froze again. He has since returned and run the heater for almost an entire day, nothing. Our temps are now in high 40's to low 50's, still, no hot water.

I have all the faucets opened, just in case, nothing. Interesting note..when I turn on cold water, it comes out of ALL the hot water faucets through the house. Still ice cold. Plumber mentioned crawling underneath, cutting open the "belly" and cutting pipes. He said he followed the pipes he could reach, the hot water pipes were warm to touch and hot water is getting from the tank, just stopped prior to entering the house. We have water that is rich is sediment, I have to flush my house tap's every few months, would it not be better to snake the pipes, assuming the blockage is sediment? I doubt it's ice at this point.

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 Re: Hot water pipes
Author: sum (FL)

not a pro but can you elaborate "when I turn on cold water, it comes out of ALL the hot water faucets through the house."

do you have dedicated cold water faucets and hot water faucets in your house? Like one faucet for cold water, and one faucet for hot water, and they each have a separate control, A for cold and B for hot. You turn on faucet A, nothing comes out of faucet spout A, but water comes out of faucet spout B that is dedicated to hot water only?

Or do you mean you have a single handle faucet, with a control that is like tilt right for cold and tilt left for hot, and you tilt right but hot water comes out of the spout?

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 Re: Hot water pipes
Author: hj (AZ)

You cannot "snake" water pipes.

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 Re: Hot water pipes
Author: bsipps (PA)

If it is debris in the water line you can try blowing it out toward the water heater using compressed air
If the sediment is that bad I would suggest a whole house filter immediately after the houses main shut off valve but considering you’re in a mobile home, I would assume that would have to be installed underneath the home which will be prone to freezing. You must weigh your options.

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 Re: Hot water pipes
Author: bernabeu (SC)

if you open a hot water 'spigot' or faucet and nothing but cold comes out then there is a fault with whatever device heats your water

get a better plumber

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 Re: Hot water pipes
Author: bsipps (PA)

Sounds to me like an obstruction between the hot(outlet) pipe from the water heater to the first fixture
Which would explain cold water mixing through an open faucet to the hot side of others, although it doesn’t make sense why the hot pipe would be warm to the touch for more than a couple feet past the water heater if hot water is not traveling through the pipe

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