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 Does main sewer line need replaced? Ok
Author: hlroudebush (IN)

I have one company telling me that jetting out the roots from the main sewer line should be fine as long as the pipe does not have significant damage. I have another company telling me it needs completely replaced. I need an honest opinion. Here is a link to the video taken by the company who says it needs replaced. Can you give me your honest opinion?


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 Re: Does main sewer line need replaced? Ok
Author: Don411 (IN)

I'm not a plumber but here's what I got from this:

0:23 as he first feeds the camera in, it looks like the PVC enters a clay pipe through a side hole with no fitting?

It's blurry until around 1:26 and then it looks like the camera is coming back toward us, but the distance stays the same at 19' 5".

We see a good pipe view until 2:08 then it gets real blurry...looks like we see the guy's nose at some point...is this thing on? LOL

At 2:54 it's back in focus and it looks like we are coming through someone's esophagus, almost looks like there are mushrooms growing on the pipe walls?

At 4:14 we see pipe again and it looks to me like clay pipe, there is standing water in the bottom of the pipe with hair roots coming in at every joint the camera passes.

Goes black again until 5:35 them we see more standing water and hair roots.

I dunno...again I'm not a plumber, but assuming this was a real video my main line, I would replace it. get it sloped properly to get rid of the standing water and stop the roots from growing in.

Any info on how old this pipe might be and if the homeowner is having any draining issues now?

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 Re: Does main sewer line need replaced? Ok
Author: bernabeu (SC)



"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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