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 Do my water pipes run under the house?
Author: Hotdamn (CA)

Hi all, I'm in a single story residence (3 bed/2bath) with a slab foundation. I want to know if my water pipes run through/under the foundation or not. The link below shows the main shutoff valve for water going into the house (as well as the sprinkler shutoff). You can see it enters the house about 18" off the ground. Can I assume it's probably routed up to the attic from there? Or is there a chance that it goes back down underground once its in the wall?

Second question - I'm also assuming this water inlet pipe goes into the house, then straight to the water heater. Then from the water heater both hot and cold are piped throughout the house. Is that typically how houses are plumbed? Is water first piped to the water heater before distributing to toilets, showers, etc.?

Last bit - I posted a somewhat related question a few days ago. Let me know if you'd prefer that I kept posting to that thread rather than starting this new one. I've little experience with forums (and less with plumbing).


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 Re: Do my water pipes run under the house?
Author: hj (AZ)

The plumber would run the piping however he felt like doing it that day. Not really, but there are so many ways he could have done it, that we cannot answer the questions. If you have copper piping, it probably down into the floor. Whether it goes to the water heater first probably depends on where it is in the building

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 Re: Do my water pipes run under the house?
Author: Curly (CA)

Looks line main water line coming into the house is soft copper which means you house is probably over 40 years old.

So most likely pipes in the slab.

Easy way to check is to crawl into the attic look for pipes.

If your pipes are in the slab and you going to remodel your kitchen as indicated in your other post you might think about re-piping your house and getting all the water lines out of the slab.

In my experience most copper pipes in slabs will leak sooner or later.

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 Re: Do my water pipes run under the house? clap
Author: Hotdamn (CA)

I was afraid that would be the answer. Fair enough, thanks all.

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