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 Adaptor needed?
Author: Yukoner777 (Non-US)

Hi guys
I bought a pair of these vessel sink faucets. They're very similar style to my other Moen Align trim, but instead of. The faucets themselves seem to be good quality - time will tell. But I'm having the same issue with mating the braided lines to the supply valve. They're all leaking.

This is the original line that came with the faucet. The part of the rubber washer that peeled is only a little more than a hair thickness, despite appearing thicker.

This image shows the ends of the original line and the replacement line I ordered (thinking at the time that the line was faulty). It doesn't have as much rubber washer.

The end of the braided line has a 'built-in' rubber washer and it threads properly onto the 3/8" supply valve.

So what is it that I need to adapt these to the supply valve? Or do I need different supply valves?

Thanks for any help.

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 Re: Adaptor needed?
Author: steve (CA)

That last picture appears to show that the rubber washer got cut by the angle stop. If you over tightened the nut, that could cause that to happen.

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 Re: Adaptor needed?
Author: george 7941

Unfortunately there is no generic braided line that will fit into the faucet. You have an unusual end on the original braided line, with two o-rings. There is usually only one o-ring.

Why is the (thin) rubber peeling back like that? Try straightening back the folded over rubber and screw it on to the supply valve after applying silicone grease to the rubber washer and the end of the supply valve which mates with the rubber.

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 Re: Adaptor needed?
Author: Yukoner777 (Non-US)

Yes, it's from over-tightening the nut and the washer is toast. I'm going to order two more pairs of the braided lines and I'm not going to use teflon tape this time. I've discovered that the tape prevents me from feeling when the nut is tight. After just doing it finger-tight, I'm going to just snug it a bit and see if that is watertight. If I find a leak after an hour or so, I'll snug it a wee bit more. I'm hoping that will do the trick.

I also noticed that the rim of the valve was just a tiny bit rough on one area, which I'm thinking may also account for leakage. So I might end up getting another valve or two, also.

Thanks for the advice, guys.


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