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 gas supply sizing
Author: adampage (NC)

I want to install a tankless water heater. All of my appliances are gas and currently I have each one run individually from the meter. I would like to run a single line from one end of my house to the other and Tee off for each appliance.
The gas company said that I have a 1/4 pound,"standard meter". My appliances are the following:

cooktop-50,000 btu Oven -16,000 btu water heater 35,000 btu Dryer - 20,000 btu furnace - 100,000 btu

Current household btu total = 221,000 btu + Tankless - 199,000 btu = 420,000 required household btu...
example, Could I run a 1" soft copper line the length of the house and then connect flared fittings where needed for each appliance? the tankless water heater and dryer would be next to each other at the end of the run, if that helps .
Thank you very much for any advice....

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 Re: gas supply sizing
Author: Paul48 (CT)

The meter has a capacity, and must be sized for the combined load as well. If you can stay awake while this gentleman speaks, this info should help :) [www.youtube.com]

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 Thank you...It definitely helped! :clap:
Author: adampage (NC)

Thank you...It definitely helped!!!!

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 Re: gas supply sizing
Author: Don411 (NY)

you may need black pipe, some locales don't allow soft copper for gas anymore.

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 Re: gas supply sizing
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

They don't allow copper lines here for gas but did until sometime in the 1990's. When a house is sold it is inspected when the gas service is started with the new owners. If copper gas line is found they remove the gas meter and won't allow service to begin until copper is removed and replaced with something else that is approved. But if you go to the copper pipe industry website they will tell you over and over how safe copper is for gas service lines. It may depend on what part of the coutry you are in and the type of gas being run thru the copper, something to do with sulphur or other things in the gas that can attack the copper and cause pinhole leaks.

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