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 No water mobile home
Author: SueSueSusie (IA)

In mid December copper pipe froze and leaked. We had water to all taps in home. Professional plumber replaced section of copper pipe with pex. No water at all in home. Plumber said that meant had frozen pipe somewhere else. Water meter was leaking out back of meter starting when pipes froze. Water company came and replaced meter. No water in home. They stayed for an hour trying to troubleshoot. They loosened top fitting on meter and water gushed out. They said this meant pipe not frozen underground. They said to call plumber back and have him check installation. Plumber won't come back out without being paid again - says it is a frozen pipe.
So what we have is a new water meter with heat tape and 1/2 inch installation from top of meter all along pipe to where it comes into home. No leaks. Water meter read 28 gallons on night of installation and is still at 28 gallons. No water at any tap in home.
I cannot figure out why we do not have water. It was 47 degrees today.

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 Re: No water mobile home
Author: packy (MA)

gee wiz, if the water dept. stayed for an hour and couldn't figure out where it was frozen, how the heck are we supposed to?
get an infrared heat thermometer and start testing the temperature of the pipes.

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 Re: No water mobile home
Author: SueSueSusie (IA)


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 Re: No water mobile home
Author: iminpanow (NJ)

I let my water run just a little in my bathroom when it gets really cold,running water is kinda hard to freeze hope it helps,kev

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 Re: No water mobile home
Author: Pipe runner (AZ)

Now when the plumber told you he won't come back unless paid...how did you react to that?
Usually when there is great distance of travel is when I start thinking about getting
paid again otherwise I'm happy to return to check my own work. Have to build good relationships
because there's always more work needed.

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 Re: No water mobile home
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

When water is frozen, it might take a couple of days before a frozen pipe is thaw'd. Mobile homes, require extra special freeze protection that a brick and mortar building.

You have learned a valuable lesson in winter water protection. Best Wishes

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