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 Possible frozen pipe
Author: JoeGold (TX)

For the past couple of years, when it gets really cold, I have three of my water faucets and the dishwasher stop flowing hot water. The cold water flows fine in these faucets, just no hot water. How do I locate the pipe that may be freezing, and why does it only affect the hot water side and not the cold water. Seems the cold water side would be affected first. Thanks in advance for any advice. -Joe

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 Re: Possible frozen pipe
Author: pbw (OH)

the hot should be on the left, & I believe the hot water freezes before cold. could be on the outside wall without proper insulation. if you have a basement, & the space below the kitchen isn't finished, find the hot pipe & add a little heat to it via a hair dryer or a torch(depending on your insurance coverage). leave the tap open so water will flow & ice will thaw.

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 Re: Possible frozen pipe
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Building codes in your area, allow water pipes to rest on outside walls and don't require that they be insulated from freezing temperatures. Time to play Plumbing Detective and get on your hands and knees to trace the piping. Begin with the hot water lines and begin protecting them with insulation to prevent this from happening again.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Possible frozen pipe
Author: packy (MA)

you get yourself an infrared thermometer gun. use it to read the surface temperature of pipes. if you hold your hand on a pipe and it feels very, very cold but you read the temperature at 37 deg, it is not frozen. if you move to anothe pipe and it reads 27 deg BINGO.. its frozen..
these are widely available at cheap prices..

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 Re: Possible frozen pipe
Author: hj (AZ)

Hot usually freezes first. Often the pipe is installed by a gap between the footing and the sill plate and the air blowing through it is like a cold air jet.

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