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 h/c water pipes must go through unheated crawlspace
Author: Harvey94 (NJ)

I live in a split-level house. The tallest half of the house has an unheated crawlspace, the other, a basement.
To reach the tallest half of he house, the hot and cold water pipes must run about 6 feet along the ceiling of the crawlspace.
First, two 3/4" pipes enter the crawlspace horizontally, split into short multiple 1/2" branches within the crawlspace and then go up vertically into the walls of a heated utility room.

This complicated system seems very vulnerable to freezing. There is currently fiberglass batting, but a part getting lose could expose the pipes.

Could I use 6-ft plastic bent into an "L", have the connections and branching within the utility room (manifolds) ?
How should I insulate the plastic pipes ?

Note: I said L-shape, not U-shape because I don't want to trap water within the crawl space, and I would like to have a purging faucet before the pipes enter the crawl space.

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 Re: h/c water pipes must go through unheated crawlspace
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Why not consider a Frostex, heat cord and wrap with fiberglass insulation.

Best Wishes

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 Re: h/c water pipes must go through unheated crawlspace
Author: packy (MA)

having the tees in the heated side is a great idea.
i would insulate the pipes well and put a 2-3 foot piece of electric baseboard heat set at 39 deg..
as for shutoffs, use ball valves with drain buttons..

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