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 How do you unclog urinals?
Author: Anonymous User

I installed a used urinal in an existing bathroom (it had been removed so the bathroom could be re-tiled), only to discover that the drain was clogged. I really didn't want to remove the urinal again, and besides, I didn't have an electric snake with me. So I tried a closet auger, wouldn't go. Plunging didn't work. My new co-worker had a compressed air gun that manually pumps up, it shoots a blast of air into a drain. Luckily, after the third blast, it cleared the drain. Do they make an auger specifically for urinals? What is the best way to clear a clogged urinal, without having to remove the urinal?

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 Re: How do you unclog urinals?
Author: Dunbar (KY)

They make a urinal auger made specifically for them.

If it is slow moving, use muriatic acid.


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 Re: How do you unclog urinals?
Author: hj (AZ)

I fill it half full of muriatic acid and let it sit for a while then carefully pump it in and out with a plunger. Usually that will get it going and then pour in the rest of the acid. I also have a small "urinal auger" which is a mini-closet auger.

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 How do you unclog urinals?
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

I too hate to remove uninals, but sometimes you just have to. As urinals age, they can become brittle. Using an auger might solve the problem, but it has been know to crack tempered china which has become brittle over the years.
This may actually be necessary when you have a gang of urinals.
Acid my have little effect on urinal blocks (para-block).
Forcing air into the throat of the urinal might crack it as well.
If that happens you have new problems. The new urinal don't look like the old urinals and use alot less water to flush them.
When replacing old urinals with new ones you have to adjust the water flow from 1.5gpf
to .9 gpf. This requires a new flush kit.
Best Wishes

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 Re: How do you unclog urinals?
Author: Anonymous User

You stated, "When replacing old urinals with new ones you have to adjust the water flow from 1.5gpf to .9 gpf. This requires a new flush kit."
Can you tell me why you have to change the "flush kit" (do you mean diaphragm, if it's a Sloan valve)? Is it a code requirement, because of water consumption limits?

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