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 Silicone Adhesive
Author: Dissolving (CA)

Hello, Since I'm sensitive to many fumes I used Aquarium Safe Silicone Adhesive to glue a screen to my bathtub drain. I lose ALOT of hair. It has always worked fine. Today I noticed it's a gooey mush, like when it first came out of the tube. It wasn't like that 2 weeks ago.

Things I've used more than usual in the tub recently:
Bio-Clean bacteria
biokleen Bac-Out (has a citrus odor)
vodka to disinfect
glycerin bar soap scented with peppermint essential oil

Which one of these could have done this to the silicone?


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 Re: Silicone Adhesive
Author: steve (CA)

Alcohol can affect silicone. You should try doing a test, by
squeezing out several rings of silicone on a piece of plastic and let them cure for several days. Add the different types of liquids you use, one of each to one ring of silicone and see what effect those chemicals have on the silicone.

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 Re: Silicone Adhesive clap
Author: Dissolving (CA)

Thank you. Good idea.

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