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 Drain line full but not clogged PART IV
Author: sum (FL)

I wonder if there are so many parts of this saga it can be made into a movie franchise LOL.

So last time I posted PART III and the conclusion was they will have to come back to "REALLY FIX" the problem. That was in mid October 2023. This is the PART III thread then. The conclusion that the reason this keeps on clogging is they may have to replace the entire run from my house to the street.


So during the last few months I made two calls to them to inquire further. They said they are working on it. I told them in December that the spray painted envelope and numbers on the street pavement have completely faded and they said they will have to rectify that.

Fast forward to yesterday and I came home and found new markings on the road. I think this means either they are redoing the sprayed marking so they can wait another few months or they are ready to act.

Looks like they marked a new envelope all the way to the street sewer. So I assume they will need to cut the entire street open and close the street to traffic? Any idea how long such a project would take? Not a one day cut, excavate, replace, backfill and repave in one day right?

I wasn't home when this happened, but they also put down little white flags along the envelope. Hopefully this means they are more serious.

Question, why is the envelope all crooked? Wouldn't you run a pipe straight out to the street instead of bending left and right? If I assume the "+" mark indicate the centerline position of the new pipe they are planning on making some left and right turns. I wonder if it's intentional...so they can abandon the existing pipe in place and just run a new one (assuming the original pipe is a straight run)?

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 Re: Drain line full but not clogged PART IV
Author: george 7941 (Canada)

Why is the sanitary sewer under the middle of the road? It would be so much easier to get to on the side of the road. Maybe this way there can be just one line instead of two parallel ones, one on each side of the road.

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 Re: Drain line full but not clogged PART IV
Author: packy (MA)

sum... around here if the road project is gonna stay open for longer than a day, they cover the hole with big metal plates so cars can drive over it.

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 Re: Drain line full but not clogged PART IV
Author: sum (FL)

most sanitary lines are down the middle of the streets here. I only see man holes in the middle not the sides.

The sides seems to be mostly storm drains, as catch basins are all along the edges of the roads. Sometimes water lines run along the sides.

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