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 Frozen sink drain piping
Author: Cheryle (Canada)

UPDATE: We cut some holes in the ceiling and verified where the pipe runs - turns out it doesn't go in either of the directions I expected. Now we are making one more opening and are onto the task of thawing.
How do I determine where my kitchen sink drain line runs? My kitchen sink is in the middle of the house (bungalow), but obviously the drain line touches an exterior wall somewhere, as the drain is plugged solid. I am assuming it is frozen. The basement is finished, and in the basement mechanical room (on the north side of the house) I can only trace out the drain lines from the main floor guest bathroom and laundry room, which are right beside each other on that side of the house (above the mechanical room area). On the south side of the house, there is a main floor ensuite bathroom as well as the basement bathroom. Is it possible that the kitchen sink drain line runs to the south side of the house and ties in with that plumbing? I am troubleshooting and am thinking I need to cut a hole in the basement ceiling, and only want to make one mess. Are there ever 2 'separate' plumbing systems in a home, or am I missing something? Note that I have poured hot water, dish soap, salt, more hot water, down the drain. I have pumped out as much water as I can and snaked it but hit an obstruction at about 12 ft. When I remove the snake there is no debris, but it is very cold at the end. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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 Re: Frozen sink drain piping
Author: george 7941 (Canada)

Yes, you can have two separate stacks in a house.

Do you have an exterior wall within twelve feet of the kitchen sink?

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 Re: Frozen sink drain piping
Author: Cheryle (Canada)

Yes, we determined which way the drain piping runs and must have been hitting either the ice plug or the elbow in the piping, with the snake. We ended up cutting a couple of holes in the ceiling and finding a clean out downstream of the plug. We used a hair dryer to blow hot air back towards the ice and in about 30 minutes it melted. So now we know. And, it seems like there might be 3 vent stacks, as this drain line does not tie into any of the other plumbing drains, it appears to go right into the main sewer line for the house. Is that odd?

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 Re: Frozen sink drain piping
Author: bernabeu (SC)


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