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 Reducing well poly pipe
Author: OldMarine (MD)

Thanks for an excellent forum on DIY plumbing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The 40 year old poly pipe 1" line from the well casing sprung a leak at the home foundation where the line runs through the cylinder block to the pressure tank, etc. The line from the well casing to the home foundation is about 60 feet long and is buried 3'.

Instead of digging up the drive way and two sidewalks to remove the old black poly pipe line, I'm thinking about running a black 3/4" poly pipe 100 PSI line through the existing 1" line (slip lining).

Will I have any severe pressure increase issues to deal with and will the well pump be affected by the 3/4 " PIPE?

The WELL pump is one month old and is a 1.5 HP unit installed by a pro at a $7500.00 cost because the old pump was stuck and required 8 hours to remove the jammed pump and replace it.

Thanks for any advice.


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 Re: Reducing well poly pipe
Author: packy (MA)

i'm a city boy and don't know a lot about wells.

no one can predict if you will be successful or not.

but if you are successful and you are not pleased with the volume of water, you an add a second well tank which will help under most demands.

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 Re: Reducing well poly pipe
Author: steve (CA)

Do you know why the pipe split? Ground settling? Why not fix the split and leave the rest? Depending on the site, the driveway and walkways might be able to be bored under, without cutting them open. I have my doubts that you will be able to insert 60' of 3/4" inside a 1" pipe. If your water usage demand at the house, is less than the capacity of the 1" pipe, you will not have an issue with 3/4". The 3/4" will provide more restriction than the 1" and you would have a reduction of volume and pressure at a high flow rate.

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