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 Need advice on removing sewer clean out
Author: emj417 (MS)

My sewer pipe runs to city pipe, but house next door attached to my line and sits below my home. There is a clean out close to their house. Houses built in late 50s and City will not extend city pipe to their property. I had a tree which roots damaged pipe; my plumber fixed it, I finally removed tree. Later on, city pipe cracked and while they fixed it recommended I put in a clean out. It was in my front yard and could be used by my plumber or even the people next door, even though they had a clean out.
Recently, whenever neighbor has issues, my clean out used by them, leaving crap and tissue in my yard. I have even had to get plumber to reseat the clean out pipe. Currently, cap is off, tissue all in my yard, neighbor and their landlord mum.
I want to have my plumber removed the clean out pipe and just replace the sewer pipe with a regular whole pipe. I know the digging will cost me but it's costing me now. Should I have a new clean out installed closer to house, since my plumber will have equipment on site? The new clean out I'm thinking about will be above the neighbor pipe connecting to my line, therefore they can unstop their own in their yard.
Public works told me about them only having a 3 inch pipe and this isn't the only home in the city where shortcuts were taken back then... The home is on a dead end.

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 Re: Need advice on removing sewer clean out
Author: bernabeu (SC)

This is a legal issue NOT a plumbing question.

The word TRESPASS comes to mind, as well as the concept of certified mail ......................

'nuf said


"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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 Re: Need advice on removing sewer clean out
Author: sum (FL)

I am guessing your neighbor's line where it connects to your line is inside your property but within a utility easement?

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 Re: Need advice on removing sewer clean out
Author: hj (AZ)

Not likely. Those were usually "handshake deals" or "middle of the night" connections.

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