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 Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: Sweet Pea (AZ)

Hi there -

My community of 110 townhomes has been plagued by water leaks. I was wondering if there is a way to do a video inspection on all of the water lines to see where the possible problems are so we can be proactive in replacing those sections. Everything I have found online talks about sewage lines, but our issue is the water lines.

Any advice?

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 Re: Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: packy (MA)


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 Re: Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: bsipps (PA)

I had no idea that such a method existed
This forum is great info for pros too
Thanks packy

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 Re: Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: packy (MA)

around here this is most commonly used to check the wall thickness of older 275 gallon oil tanks.
if they find an area where the metal is paper thin they will tell the owner that its time to replace the tank.
BTW.. we all learn from eachothers experiences.

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 Re: Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: Imshaken (MN)

So people are going to pay a company to come in, excavate the walls and ceilings where the water pipe is located to test the water line condition. Make repairs to identifiable problems. Then repair the walls and ceilings afterward?

Wouldn't it be less expensive and more efficient to admit the existing water piping has reached the end of its life and replace it?

Admittedly the tech is very cool and has useful applications that solve expensive problems. It just seems doubtful that residential buried piping is one of those applications.

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 Re: Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: bernabeu (SC)


I was wondering if there is a way to do a video inspection .....



"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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 Re: Water Line Inspection for Community
Author: sum (FL)

Why does it have to be walls cut open to do this evaluation?

Most of the time there is some sort of a problem, a leak or two or three over a period of time when someone has to decide if the pipe is defective or compromised happening all over to warrant a total repipe vs a sectional repair. You start with the already compromised sections, then there should be accessible piping around the house, may be in the basement where it's unfinished, or crawlspace, or attic, may be in the garage where hit and cold connect to the water heater, may be under various sinks where there are stuboits to shutoffs, may be where there are exposed sections behind the washing machines. Plenty of places to get some sample data without breaking walls I would think.

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