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 Union for 1/2" copper water line?
Author: Dan0 (TN)

I need to tee into an existing water line and I was thinking of adding a union.
The reviews I've read on the Box Store websites are mixed.
I see a number of complaints about leaks.
Any recommendations... brand or style?


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 Re: Union for 1/2" copper water line?
Author: bsipps (PA)

If installed properly and plumb they will not leak
A little pipe dope on the matted face never hurts

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 Re: Union for 1/2" copper water line? clap
Author: Dan0 (TN)

Thanks, yeah I think that's the key. HD had a good video where they recommended paraffin wax or silicone spray on the mated surfaces. I think this allows the surfaces to slip into the best position.

Thanks again...

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 Re: Union for 1/2" copper water line?
Author: bsipps (PA)

The lubricant or pipe dope only helps to seal the imperfections in the mated surface

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