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 Hot Water only in both sink and shower for some rooms
Author: Shura (CA)


Basically, we have hot water in the kitchen, the master bathroom, but not in the other two bedroom bathrooms, one of which has hot water but not hot enough, and other just doesn't head up.

We have a tankless water heater, and the house has a system where there is pretty much a button in all rooms where water flows to, and the press of that button gives you hot water faster. The button does seem to work for the master bathroom, kind of for the kitchen, and doesnt work at all for the rooms that dont get hot water.

If it helps with solving the case, for a lot of reasons, we had to pretty much shutdown or hold utilities for the house for a few years. Starting about 3 years ago, only one person in the family started living in the master bedroom and pretty much only that bathroom was used often. The second family, which is I, came back and found everything pretty much not working about a month ago.

I don't know if not using the faucets or showers for too long caused this, but I guess this is somewhat a clue. Just to clarify though, there is still water going to these place, just not hot, not even after keeping it turned on for an hour.

Thank you for those who help with this! I truly appreciate it!

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 Re: Hot Water only in both sink and shower for some rooms
Author: semmiiii (NV)

It sounds like you have failing cartridges, which are an easy fixed just by removing the old cartridges and replacing them with new that will allow the correct mixture of both cold and hot water to flow through the faucets. Additionally, depending on the model/maker of the faucets and if original owner of the home; you can contact the manufacturer of free cartridge replacement, e.g. Moen does.

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 Re: Hot Water only in both sink and shower for some rooms
Author: packy (MA)

so what semmiiii is saying is that even though you turn on the faucet to hot you are still getting enough cold blending in that it overpowers the hot.
i would shut the cold shut off under the sink and turn on the hot in that sink to see what happens.
it could be that faucet or it could be a different one?
gotta put on your sherlock holmes hat and do some trial and error investigating.

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