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 new pump and pressure tank not working correctly
Author: PapaBrian (CO)

Hello All,

I am in a bit of a situation. We live in the mountains of Colorado. We have a well that pumps water up from the ground to the cisterns. Then the pump inside pumps water from the cisterns and into the house. Last Sunday, the pump broke. It quit and threw the breaker.in the same room. That is about the extent of my knowledge of plumbing. I hired a highly rated plumbing company. They have been fantastic. They priced it and we accepted. Every thing with them is fine. But they are stuck with a problem they can't find and so can't solve it. It is not for a lack of effort. They installed it on Wednesday of this week.New shallow pump and a new pressure tank. Since then, they have not been able to get the pump running for just a few seconds and then shut off. We opened all the sinks/tubs/showers and then closed them when the plumbers asked us to. I am not here because of them doing a bad job. They are really good plumbers and very hard workers. No issues at all, except we still do not have water. The plumbers will be back on Monday and I just thought I'd cruise the internet and see what I could find. Any ideas? Please.

I just realized how much I wrote.Sorry.

Thanks for any suggestions.If I knew what they had already tried, I'd let you know. But I could see they tried a lot of things.

Thanks Everyone.


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 Re: new pump and pressure tank not working correctly
Author: packy (MA)

sounds like a wiring problem to me.

reputable company ?

why did they go home and leave you with no water ?

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 Re: new pump and pressure tank not working correctly
Author: DaveMill (CA)

>No issues at all, except we still do not have water.

In other words, complete and utter failure. What kind of professional would leave you without the ability to flush the toilet? Technically your home is not habitable at this time. This is not a plumbing issue, it is a professionalism issue. They should have driven to Home Depot or their supply house to purchase something like this for you to use over the weekend [www.homedepot.com]

When they arrive Monday, politely but firmly explain that you need to have water by end of day or you are cancelling the contract, Suggest that they immediately contact both the pump manufacturer AND their best local electrical contractor buddy to make that happen.

Edited 4 times.

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