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 Fix/Replace Bathtub drain
Author: troy.judd (TX)

Note: I live in Texas and I have a slab foundation.

My plumbing for my bathtub drain appears to be brass but it might be copper. The fitting that attaches to the drain plug is broken and needs to be replaced. I can't replace the entire thing with PVC because the sewer drain comes up too high. The current brass sanitary T has a very short drain attachment. In order to replace with PVC I would need to cut the sewer pipe and attach the PVC in some way. The sewer drain sits within an inch of the slabs cement and I cannot get a pipe cutter around it. Attempting to cut the sewer drain introduces more risk than I care to deal with so I would like to keep all of the current plumbing but cut off the plug drain fitting and connect a pvc fitting. I am looking at using a Fernco coupling. Any thoughts on this? I realize that replacing the pipe that I want to cut with brass would might be better but I can't get it to come out at the joint.

|| <-- Leads up to overflow
| ====|_| <-- drain fitting that is broken that I want to cut and attach a pvc fitting
|| <-- This is too long on a PVC Sanitary T. Cutting the Sewer drain would be required.
|| <-- Sewer drain

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 Re: Fix/Replace Bathtub drain
Author: bsipps (PA)

The fitting your are trying to replace is the shoe and shoe strainer for your waste and overflow they sell a removal tool for the shoe but if the cross hair is missing

Either take an 1 1/2” hole saw and drill out the (usually chrome) shoe strainer or a dremel tool can be used to cut the strainer out, could also use a saws all to make a couple slot cuts into the shoe and pry out with a flat head screwdriver

If your tub is plastic or steel be very careful not to damage the tub itself

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