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 Venting a Zoeller 105
Author: Lukerhead44 (CA)

Hi everyone! I'm having trouble venting a Zoeller 105 Drain Pump.
I've learned that AAV's will not work with these, and I don't have access to venting through the roof, because I'm in a condo. (although I am on the top floor of the condo)

Plumber says my two options are opening the ceiling and venting through the wall. (Won't that eventually stink??) OR, drilling a small hole through the top of an AAV (again, won't that eventually stink?)

This drain pump is only being used to discharge dirty laundry water. Not sure if that makes a difference.

There might be a possibility of doing a "wet vent" where I tie in the vent to the top of the discharge pipe while it is running at a horizontal slope. This seems to be a long shot. Any advice would be great.

Thanks, y'all.

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 Re: Venting a Zoeller 105
Author: Don411 (IN)

I had a Hartell drain pump mounted on a laundry sink and drained the washer into the sink. The Hartell pump does not require venting and is allowed by code. If the Zoeller you are using needs to be vented, your plumber laid out the options, nothing magical here....

I have to ask though, if you are on the top floor of the condo where are you pumping water to? usually you pump up if you're below waste line level.

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 Re: Venting a Zoeller 105
Author: Lukerhead44 (CA)

Good question! The water pumps up and over through the ceiling, makes its way to the kitchen and down through the existing drain line.

I would love to check out that Hartell product. I think there are more options than what the plumber laid out for me. I don't think he wants to present the option to of opening up the walls again because he knows he will be on the hook for the cost, considering he sured me that his initial install would work with an AAV.

However, I'm down to go with one of his options. I'm just not convinced that it will eventually smell terrible if vented that way. Any insight? Plumber seems to think no.

Edited 2 times.

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 Re: Venting a Zoeller 105
Author: Don411 (IN)

This was a basement laundry set up in a previous home. If you look closely the Hartell pump is mounted to the drain on the laundry sink and pumps up through a 1" PVC pipe to the drain. No vent or trap needed per Hartell and 100% code approved.

This is the pump I used: [www.amazon.com]

Install with a check valve and a ball valve that you adjust to prevent short-cycling. Pobably cheaper than installing a vent, and a lot less work.

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 Re: Venting a Zoeller 105
Author: bsipps (PA)

If you look on zoellers website the have a diagram of their pump being vented via AAV

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