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 Does this look right?
Author: RNNKS (KS)

We are looking at a house that has 2 full bathrooms, kitchen, dishwasher, clotheswasher...all of this will be running to one pipe and out. There is a vent, but only one. There is a sump but I don't know if and how they vent as we have never had one.

My question is if someone is taking a shower and then the toilet gets flushed, how is that going to handle everything? Is this how its done? We've looked at a bunch of houses and haven't seen this yet.

Here are pics...

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 Re: Does this look right?
Author: bsipps (PA)

Most of the time there is only 1 main pipe into the house to carry away the sewage
Can’t really tell if there truly is only 1 vent
Even if there is only 1 pipe through the roof there could be back venting in the attic
If it’s a 2 story or more house there should be more than 1 vent
With the exception of the washer stand pipe being so high I don’t see any reason to question it if it’s a rancher style home

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 Re: Does this look right?
Author: bernabeu (SC)



"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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 Re: Does this look right?
Author: packy (MA)

pretty low quality work.
code requires a cleanout at the base of every stack i see NONE.
exposed traps must have a cleanout at the bottom.
no future vent.
heating duct hanging down not secured.
what in the wide wide world is the size of that gas flue ? how is the water heater supposed to draft in the summer. the condensation inside the giant flue will rot the pipe in a few years. ( look up gas flue 7 times rule)
is there a carbon monoxide detector close by.
how is anyone supposed to get a cleaning cable into that main cleanout ? must have minimum of 18 inches clearance

if these are the things you can see, what corners did they cut behind the walls?

sorry but that is the way i see it.

and to my friend from SC... bern, im surprised at your approval of so many deficiencies

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 Re: Does this look right?
Author: Don411 (IN)

Packy, I think what you are calling a dangling heating duct is supposed to be the dryer vent. You really have to zoom into the pic to see it, but you can see the uncovered 30a electric outlet on the wall there. Not sure about the code but there is at least one cleanout at the end of that run where everything dumps into. Better than nothing I guess.

I would also consider installing a laundry sink with its own pump and check valve so that the washer doesn't have to pump all the way to the ceiling. Here's what I did in our old house

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