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 Old Montgomery Ward Fairway Hot Water Heater and Replacement Problems
Author: RogerH (CA)

I came to this site because I saw posts about Signature hot water heaters that lasted over 40 years - our Fairway has lasted at least 43 years if not longer until it sprung a leak sometime since last night. It may have been here since the house was built in 1953. It certainly lasted a long time - water was nice and hot until I turned it off to stop the leak.

I also came here because I am looking for a natural gas hot water heater heat that will easily fit into the 18inch wide fire door opening on the 24X24 enclosed space - Rheem has one that is 20 1/2 wide - I wonder if any manufacturer who sells product in California has a one that is narrower than 18 inches and taller than the Rheem,

Finally, the gas line valve will not budge and I am afraid of breaking it so am seeking advice. The gas has been turned off at the heater itself, but I need to be able turn off the valve on the line so it can be disconnected from the old and connected to the new.

Thank you.


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 Re: Old Montgomery Ward Fairway Hot Water Heater
Author: steve (CA)

AO Smith and Bradford White both have 40 gallon, 18" diameter heaters.

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 Re: Old Montgomery Ward Fairway Hot Water Heater
Author: packy (MA)

if the gas valve has a couple of brass nuts on the bottom of the stem, you can loosen the nuts just slightly and tap upwards on them. this will loosen the stem so it can be turned. once it is in the off position, tighen the nuts again.

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 Re: Old Montgomery Ward Fairway Hot Water Heater
Author: Lorensr (CA)

Don't over tighten and use soap bubbles to check for leaks

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