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 PVC ball valves for pond applications
Author: sum (FL)

I have a question about PVC ball valves.

I am planning to use a few of them in my pond. There is a 1.5" line entering the pond and splits into two 3/4" lines. Each of these 3/4" line will have a PVC ball valve on it. One line leads to an aerator/fountain near the water surface, and another will lead to a boulder 7' tall and exits at the top so it will run back down the surface of that boulder.

I may run one feature or the other by using the valves to open or close the lines to the water features.

However, I may also run both at the same time. If I do run both at the same time, I suspect the 7' high feature will be a challenge compared to the pond surface aerator. I suspect it will be like turning on a tub spout and a shower at the same time, most of the water will come out of the tub spout and the shower will mostly drip. So I suspect to run both I will need to play with the ball valves, like for example open the waterfall line fully 100% but only open the aerator valve say 20% to get the balance I need.

So here is my question, are PVC ball valves like this designed to be used in a partially opened position for a long time? Or is it designed to be either fully opened or closed but not in between?

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 Re: PVC ball valves for pond applications
Author: george 7941 (Canada)

I have no particular knowledge on operating PVC ball valves partially opened but I will give you my thoughts on it. I see no harm in it because the flow rates are low. If you use the valves with union ends, then they can be easily replaced if any issues arise. The valves are not expensive.

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 Re: PVC ball valves for pond applications
Author: Curly (CA)

I agree with George.

I have used Hayward brand double union PVC ball valves for years from 1/2" up to 2".

They turn as easy after 20 years as they did brand new.

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 Re: PVC ball valves for pond applications
Author: Don411 (IN)

I installed a Hartell drain pump on a laundry sink in our last house, and the installation instructions call for installing a ball valve ahead of the check valve.

The reason for the valve is that the pump will empty the sink so fast it causes the pump to short cycle. You use the valve to restrict output so the pump empties the sink at the same rate at which it fills, allowing the pump to run continuously until the sink is empty.

I had the ball valve operate for several years in a partially open position with no adverse effects on the valve.

Hartell Pump:


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