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 Crud in shower faucet brass body
Author: tab a (KS)

I have, what I presume is a Delta, 2 handle shower/bath faucet that's probably a good 25 years old. Can't find the model on their website (they say it's a 2800 series, and it's not, but is similar). I removed a bunch of old iron supply pipe leading to it, with a sawzall, and guess that dislodged rust/crud because now I have almost no tub flow from both hot and cold.

Removed both stems, turned on water, and have excellent flow straight out from where the stems were. Stems are clean. So I think the crud is in the passage ways of the brass 'body' between the stems and the tub spout.

How to try to flush them out is the question.

With the water turned off, and the stems out, I'm going to try blowing compressed air up the iron pipe the spout was on, but I'm not optimistic as I've tried this for a somewhat similar problem years ago with success.

I'd rather backflush with water, but don't have shutoff valves near the tub so no good way shut off water to tub and have water to flush with.

Anything I've missed, or other options?


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 Re: Crud in shower faucet brass body
Author: bsipps (PA)

Compressed air through the spout stub out and a vacuum in the hot and cold stem holes sounds like it should work

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 Re: Crud in shower faucet brass body
Author: hj (AZ)

Thereis an internal "restrictor" where the 4 connections merge and the crud is lodged there. In most cases, I have been unable to clear it and had to remove the tub and shower connections, then remove the restrictor, and then repipe the spout and shower head using a "twin ell".

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 Re: Crud in shower faucet brass body clap
Author: tab a (KS)

Amazingly the air worked great. Hadn't thought about also using vacuum but that's a great idea.


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 Re: Crud in shower faucet brass body
Author: tab a (KS)

That's interesting. Didn't know there were internal restrictors, or that you could remove them. Any links that would tell/show me more?


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 Re: Crud in shower faucet brass body
Author: hj (AZ)

I think they keep it a secret/

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