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 Grohe tap leaking
Author: oskar (Canada)

Kitchen tap has slow leak after 25 years, through tap not handle. It is labelled Grohe A112.18.1M but I see from other posts that this is not a specific identifier. Below Made in Germany are the numbers 96-01-3 but that may be date of manufacture. See image [i.postimg.cc]
The triangular knob has no setscrew and does not pull off when moderate force applied. Looking inside there does not seem to be any removable cartridge or way of releasing the handle. Advice welcome.

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 Re: Grohe tap leaking
Author: bernabeu (SC)

various quotes from other forums:


They can usually be pulled off by hand if you sort of rock them while pulling.

Otherwise wrap them with tape and then pull them off with a pair of Channel lock pliers.

I have worked on dozens of these. They do absolutely pull off. It takes muscle and grip; and watch out for what may be in the way of your elbow when the handle gives, cause it only gives with lots of force and you don't want to smack into anything.

The part which the handle fits onto is plastic (semi-hard polypropelyene) so there is no bond whatsoever, just detents which fit snugly


"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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 Re: Grohe tap leaking
Author: oskar (Canada)

Thanks. Channel pliers did the trick. Now I guess I need to unscrew a brass fitting with a large (11/16"winking smiley nut. It doesn't want to move even using a wrench and hammer. Advice? It would help to know if it unscrews cw or ccw.

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 Re: Grohe tap leaking
Author: steve (CA)


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 Re: Grohe tap leaking
Author: bsipps (PA)

I wouldn’t hammer it rather use a nice smooth even torque ccw

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 Thanks all clap
Author: oskar (Canada)

Thanks all. I have it under control now.

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