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 PEX B expansion fittings
Author: Tom the Elder (CA)

Almost everything I see online says that, for residential PEX: 1) expansion rings are preferable to crimp rings; and 2) PEX B uses only crip rings. However, the guy in the videos below, who claims his company has done 70k+ repipes and he offers a lifetime warranty, says he now uses only Zurn PEX B and demonstrates how they use the same expansion system. I verified that Zurn does sell expansion rings and fittings. Frankly, his videos (he has several about PEX) are not very good in that he is very clear about his opinions - but not so much about how he reached them.

Anyone here have experience with PEX B expansion rings and, if so, what do you think?
If I go with the PEX A, does it matter which manufacturer? Thanks.

Video 1 [www.youtube.com]

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 Re: PEX B expansion fittings
Author: Tom the Elder (CA)

The system wouldn't let me ling two videos on one post; here is the 2nd:

Video 2 [www.youtube.com]

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 Re: PEX B expansion fittings
Author: NoHub (MA)

I've been using Pex A since 1996 and have never had a problem with it and have never run into a Plumber that has. (just my 2 cents).

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 Re: PEX B expansion fittings
Author: Tom the Elder (CA)

NoHub, good to know - thanks.

Do you think there is any reason to select one brand of pipe over another, or any brand to avoid?

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 Re: PEX B expansion fittings
Author: bsipps (PA)

Avoid fully colored pex you want to look for the red and blue with a white or clear inside, the fully colored pex i.e red, blue on the inside right now is prone to pinhole leaks

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 Re: PEX B expansion fittings
Author: sum (FL)

as bsipps stated, the red and blue colored PEX A tubing from Uponor are the problems. There is a class action suit going on that says the red/blue coating on the PEX A tubing that Uponor uses weakens the tubing, specifically "the Uponor PEX piping, a popular product made for use in residential plumbing systems, can develop exterior microcracks due to the oxidizing process whereby the blue and red coloring—for cold and hot water lines, respectively—are added to the tubing. According to the complaint, Uponor, in order to get the blue and red coating to stick to the outside of the PEX tubing, runs the product through a furnace/flame treatment that aids in the application of coatings and adhesives. This heat treatment, however, destroys the tubing’s antioxidant stabilizers, which are crucial for the piping to achieve flexibility, maintain ductility and protect against embrittlement, the lawsuit says"

more details here: [www.classaction.org]

Note that is not all red/blue tubings of other brands because the other brands do not use the same manufacturin process. Also Uponor white PEX A tubing is fine.

I have seen people who says they used crimp fittings on PEX A tubing, and using expansion fitting on PEX B tubing and claim they work. I don't know they work or not. However, whichever tubing you end up choosing, whether PEX A or PEX B and whichever manufacturer, make sure you go to the manufacturer's web site and check their warranty page if that's something that is important to you, because pretty much all of them will have a chart there that says if you use their tubing and their fittings, the warranty is X years and if you use their tubing and some other fittings the warranty is Y years, and Y is always much less than X.

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