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 Brand new sump pump not triggering
Author: LAL20221 (TN)

We moved into a home built in the 40s at the end of September. About 3 days after moving in, while doing laundry, our basement laundry room flooded. We had a plumber come out and right next to our washing machine is a sump pump (one of two we have on opposite sides of the basement). The plumber said since our home is older our laundry pipe feeds directly into the sump pump and the pump wasn't triggering causing the flooding. He said it was just really old and needed replaced. We replaced it - I saw the pump, it was covered in rust and sludge. Less than a week later the problem happened again. The plumber came back out and said it seems like in addition to the sump pump having been broken, a pipe was cracked so when we used the washer, it was coming up from the pipe. He gave us pricing on a couple options and said in the meantime, he would direct the laundry drain directly to the sump pump. The probably happened again about a week later. This time they decided they did not put a strong enough pump in and replaced it. That was two weeks ago and the problem happened again today. I looked at the basin and its full, pump fully submerged and its not triggering. We have had no power outages and I checked the breaker and everything is fine. They are coming back out today but I'm just at such a loss.

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 Re: Brand new sump pump not triggering
Author: bernabeu (SC)

bad or 'hung up' float switch


electrical problem

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Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638
"Measure Twice & Cut Once"

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 Re: Brand new sump pump not triggering
Author: hj (AZ)

Or, "bad plumber" problem, and he is milking for all he can.
Sort of like the recent graduate optician, who asked his dad, "Dad, how do you price your services?" His dad said you quote #150.00. Then if the customer doesn't say anything, then you explain that the eye test is $90.00, IF they still do not question you, then you tell them the lenses are $250.00. If they accept that then you add, EACH

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