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 toilet flange height issue
Author: mr leak (CA)

The toilet closet flange was inch and a half below the concrete slab SO installed several stack rings the rings
then I installed a closet flange combination that had a closet flange then a short pipe with a seal designed to insert into the 3 inch piped a new wax ring Installed the toilet bat I
the bowl filled with water and would not flush Uninstalled the toilet took it outside and it flushed

Did I install the drain too high or what ??

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 Re: toilet issue
Author: packy (MA)

if you used an insert type toilet flange then no wax rings below it. it has its own rubber gasket/s that form the seal..
yes you do use a wax ontop of the flange.
you can also use long toilet bolts and stack some extension rings to get the right height.

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 Re: toilet issue
Author: mr leak (CA)

thank you packy. I am replying for my father to add a bit more information and clarify so that we can fix this issue correctly. I think what you are saying is that if we use an insert type toilet flange, we can just add extension rings and that style flange without a wax ring. But a normal flange would require a wax ring.

my sense is the best way to solve this is with the insert type flange, but perhaps you can look at these pictures I took and give your thoughts?

this is a link to a folder where I took a few pictures of where the original flange sits below the concrete.


Also, my dad stated that when we took the toilet outside we could get it to flush. That is not really accurate. When the toilet was sitting on the concrete slab outside it would NOT flush unless we tilted the toilet towards the back (raising the front a couple inches). doing this seemed to allow the toilet to flush properly and I am not sure why this would be the case.

Thank you very much

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 Re: toilet issue
Author: bernabeu (SC)

NO toilet will flush 'sitting on a concrete slab'.

Put the toilet on top of a bucket or a pair of 2x4s and see if it flushes.

Unless there is an obstruction INSIDE the toilet it should NOT require 'tilting' to flush when water is dumped into it for testing.

If it 'truly' does not flush unless tilted it is DEFECTIVE.

As for your 'buried' flange you will need:


Don't forgwet to secure said flange to the actual concrete floor.


"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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 Re: toilet issue
Author: hj (AZ)

IF the toilet is sitting on the concrete floor, the outlet is obstructed and the toilet will NOT flush until it is tilted slightly to allow the trapped air to escape. The toilet not flushing has NOTHING to do with the flange or spacers. Something, probably a backed up sewer, is obstructing the flow of air from the toilet to the vent and therefore the toilet CANNOT flush.

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 Re: toilet flange height issue
Author: gordshelia (Canada)

Aim for a flange height that is 1/4 inch or more above the finished floor. This normally enables the use of nearly any wax ring type while still ensuring a strong seal. The flange height is probably not ideal if the bathroom floor was recently tiled or replaced.

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 Re: toilet flange height issue
Author: bernabeu (SC)


..... height is probably not ideal ..... if the bathroom floor was recently tiled or replaced.

Unless the flange was 'reset' on top of the finished floor it is NOT, repeat NOT, code compliant.

Code is the MINIMUM reqirement for (safe) human occupation.

? ideal ? IMO: that would be either 'meeting' or SURPASSING code

period ..... end of case


"Measure Twice & Cut Once" - Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638

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