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 Need to do a HACK job on my toilet
Author: bradleyheathhays (CT)

I've got an older toilet with a huge flush capacity so I'm trying to keep it rather than replacing it with a newer lower capacity toilet.

Problem is it's as old as the hills and the oval shaped rubber gasket between the tank and base has aged and water now leaks at that connection point when it's flushed.

I'm guessing what I need to fix the issue is some kind of flexible adhesive that bonds to ceramic. I believe where the two make contact the bottom is glazed and the tank isn't...so the adhesive would need to stick to both glazed and non-glazed ceramic.

Any suggestion for what kind of gasket maker adhesive to use? or advice in general on how to get this done? Thanks

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 Re: Need to do a HACK job on my toilet
Author: Tom130 (IL)

Have you tried replacing the gasket? Our sponsor has a good selection at [www.plumbingsupply.com] and if you scroll down far enough there's a video on the process.

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 Re: Need to do a HACK job on my toilet
Author: packy (MA)

just be sure to use the correct gasket.
also while you have things apart, replace the bolts, nuts and washers. the set only costs a few bucks. (make sure they are brass)

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 Re: Need to do a HACK job on my toilet
Author: bernabeu (SC)

SOLID brass - not 'plated' or 'finished'

- - - -

Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638
"Measure Twice & Cut Once"

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