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 Watt recirculating pump installation question
Author: situationiste (CO)

If I trip the breaker and shut off cold water into the water heater and open a faucet to drain the heater about halfway down, why would I need to drain the whole heater as the instructions say to do? For that matter, if the water level in the heater were an inch below the top, wouldn't that work?

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 Re: Watt recirculating pump installation question
Author: Curly (CA)

If this is the Watts pump that mounts to the hot side outlet nipple you are correct.

Turn off the breaker, open a faucet to relieve pressure, loosen hot side connection at top of water heater and bleed out water till it stops and install pump.

Fill heater with water, bleed all the air out through the hot side on a faucet, turn power back on and set timer on pump.

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 Re: Watt recirculating pump installation question clap
Author: situationiste (CO)


Edited 1 times.

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 Re: Watt recirculating pump installation question
Author: packy (MA)

most installations require the removal of the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and installing a tee before re-installing that drain valve . the pump pushes the returning circulated water into the bottom of the tank.

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 Re: Watt recirculating pump installation question
Author: Curly (CA)

Hi Packy,

I believe this is the system that he has ....


Grundfos makes it and Watts sticks there name on and it sells through the orange big box.

It is a non-traditional recir system (no loop) and uses the manifold installed at the farthest sink away from heater etc. No tie in back to the heater.

In my neck of the woods the city is giving the Watts branded model away to homeowners to save water.

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 Re: Watt recirculating pump installation question
Author: NoHub (MA)

We can't use those in Massachusetts, have to go back with a recirc-line like Packy said.can't use thermostatic tees. It can cause a cross connection. I can post the link to the mass approval sight if anyone needs to see it. (Yea I know Massachusetts is nuts)

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 Re: Watt recirculating pump installation question
Author: bernabeu (SC)

It can NOT 'cause' a cross connection


it IS, in and of itself, a cross connection.

.... and, IMO, SHOULD be prohibitted

- - - -

Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638
"Measure Twice & Cut Once"

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