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 propane tanks in hot vehicles
Author: nosweat (FL)

I was reading about how to safely transport propane cylinders in a vehicle, and got to thinking about plumbers who may have occasion to park in non shaded areas for prolonged periods of time, or while driving from jobsite to jobsite on a hot sunny day..

Especially during the summer or anytime of the year if you live in the south.

Is this less of a problem in a cargo van as opposed to a car with windows all around?

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 Re: propane tanks in hot vehicles
Author: hj (AZ)

Have never had a problem in vans or pickup trucks.

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 Re: propane tanks in hot vehicles
Author: packy (MA)

i've had problems back when i had this kind of tank. they were filled byhand with a small bleeder open unti liquid came out the bleeder. they were so easy to overfill leaving not much room for expansion. so i'd be driving and get a real smell of propane from the tank relief valve. the solution was to pull over, bring the tank outside and open the valve for a second or two. that lowered the level in the tank so it was uneffected by the heat.

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