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 1927-Odd cast iron pipe high on kitchen wall
Author: Apz2002 (MI)

I bought a 1927 house in Detroit Michigan. About 7feet off the floor there is a 3” cast iron pipe connection. At that point there is a tee where 3” pipe goes up thru the attic and vents to the roof. The bottom of that tee is a 3/4” pipe that runs to the basement ceiling. When it rains, the little amount of water drips thru the pipe and onto the basement floor. Does anyone have an idea what this would have been used for back in 1927? It is not near the main stack for the toilet and there’s separate vent pipe to the original kitchen sink.

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 Re: 1927-Odd cast iron pipe high on kitchen wall
Author: packy (MA)

any evidence of some pipe connection in the basement?

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 Re: 1927-Odd cast iron pipe high on kitchen wall
Author: LI Guy (IN)

Our last house was 1917 and had two 3/4" iron pipes that ran from the basement to the attic that supplied gas lights on the 2nd floor. The 3" makes it seem like that was an old drain, but not sure where the 3/4" comes in?

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 Re: 1927-Odd cast iron pipe high on kitchen wall
Author: Sauktim (WI)

Any sign of old fuel oil tank or boiler remnants. Maybe an atmosphere/vacuum vent for the tank.

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 Re: 1927-Odd cast iron pipe high on kitchen wall
Author: jblanche (WI)

How far from the basement floor drain is the 3/4" pipe? My 1926 house had an icebox drain. Not sure if it was vented somehow, as the icebox was removed decades before we moved in.

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