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 Solvent smell at tap after well pump replacement
Author: MrHyde (WA)

Just had a well pump and pressure tank replaced, and a bag filter installed in the well house. It’s been four days and there is still a solvent smell and taste coming out of the tap. The solvent smell is worse out of the hot water tap and in the shower (I assume heating the water (on demand heater) increases out gassing of solvent). The chlorine smell has gone.

The work was done by a reputable and highly rated well company that’s been around for decades, the same one that drilled the well and installed the system 20 years ago. And the work was done in three hours and everything looks professionally done.

I’ve flushed the system extensively both in the house and through a water hose at the end of the lines. Total time of exterior water hose flushing would be about six hours. Also, replaced the bag filter after three days (20 micron).

The solvent smell is the same as the non-hardening blue pipe thread sealant they used on fittings in the well house (including plastic piping to the bag filter assembly). I will be contacting the well contractor today (Monday) to discuss the issue and ask which thread sealant they used. I looked at the SDS for “non-toxic” potable water-approved sealants like Blue Monster and I wouldn’t exactly call it “non-toxic”, although it is NSF 61 approved for potable water systems. Since these sealants don’t harden, it seems like they could leach into the system for awhile.

While I’m hopeful this issue will resolve with continued use and flushing, the water is still undrinkable after four days (we’re using bottled water), I’m a little concerned about the use of toxic compounds leaching into my drinking water, and all around I’m not happy. It’s been FOUR days!

For the plumbing professionals out there:

1. Should I be concerned about this from a toxicity standpoint?
2. What pipe thread sealants are considered safe for potable water?
3. What do I need to know and what questions should I ask when talking to the contractor about this situation (so I don’t get BS’d).

Thank you for any guidance on this!

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 Re: Solvent smell at tap after well pump replacement
Author: LI Guy (IN)

Any update?

- - - - - - -

Not a plumber by trade but a fierce DIYer

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