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 Resell replaced hot water heater.
Author: MaddamHannah (MI)

A local repair man (certified in Michigan) resells many old water heaters after he replaces them.
(Often locally on Facebook Marketplace) this a major source of income for himself.
In Michigan a repair man is required by law to offer an old appliance (or parts replaced) to the customer.
Hot water heaters are not defined as an "appliance"
His reselling without offering the customer the option to keep the old hot water heater certainly sounds shady to me.
Are there laws in other states that cover the replacement of hot water heaters? (Not looking for installation requirements.

(he also checks the warranties and returns any still under warranty to retailers if a replacement refund is part of the warranty!)

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 Re: Resell replaced hot water heater.
Author: hj (AZ)

Normally, water heaters are replaced when they leak, which is usually NOT an economical repair, and thus not a candidate for "reselling". Why was your heater replaced? And most customers WANT the plumber to dispose of the heater, otherwise they have to do it and that is an inconvenience. IF the heater is under warranty, the CUSTOMER gets the new heater so they do not have to buy a new one.

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 Re: Resell replaced hot water heater.
Author: NoHub (MA)

Trust me, you don't want a used water heater. I personally would have nothing to do with a used 6 minute old water heater, you see them at the supply house...No box... Plumber bought the wrong heater....sale !!!!,Big saving$$$ !...they just sit there and take months to move. check out craigslist, the same people trying to sell the same used water heater month after month. I would love a link to were it says one must sell used appliances in Michigan.

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