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 Air in the lines
Author: Chadrock (MI)

We've been in our newly built home in Michigan for about a month and we have an inconsistent issue with air in our lines. The well has been there for three years and we used it daily as we lived in our motorhome in our heated pole barn. There was a rare moment of air in the lines in the motorhome but we passed it off as something that happens when we connect/disconnect the water hose.

Now, however, our outside spigot will sputter air for a couple of minutes and then nothing but water for perhaps 45 seconds. Once in a while, the air will disappear for more than an hour. The air in the line doesn't happen with any other water tap. Our hydrant that is located at the well and is the only other water source not connected to water treatment, doesn't have this happen. It pushes nothing but water. We've changes hoses and tried different sprayers but it hasn't changed the outcome.

It has been suggested by a respected, third party, well driller that the well is drawing water too quickly and that the only source of air has to be from the well. If there was an opening in the pressurized system, there would be a leak in the crawlspace and the pump would run more often.

Our well driller is adamant that it is NOT a well issue but rather something in the plumbing.

I am at a loss. What are your suggestions?


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 Re: Air in the lines FIXED!!! Have another question
Author: Chadrock (MI)

We isolated the air problem to our water treatment equipment by turning on and off a bypass. When the bypass was turned on, the problem stopped. When it was off the air spitting returned.

Our local water treatment professional came over and replaced a check valve and showed me the valve. It had a 3/32" stone holding the valve open, allowing the air from the rust remover to backtrack into the closest line-- the spigot that we use in our back yard. The problem has not returned since (two weeks).

The questions now are: 1. Where did the rock come from? The installation of the equipment or from the well? 2. If it is from the well, will it happen again and is there an issue with the screen?

Time will tell.


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