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 Symmons Temptrol Spindle
Author: DrBT (CT)

I bought a new Symmons shower/tub control and installed it. It worked nicely for about a week then it slowly became harder to turn the Temperature knob to the point it became impossible to turn. I removed the handle and unscrewed the nut until the handle would turn and it worked for about 3 showers and became tight again. I can't replace the spindle without taking the wall down and pulling the whole assembly. I am not sure what happened and I am not comfortable with thinking I have fixed it for another 20 years.
Should I replace the whole assembly with another, more expensive, brand or will disassembly show what the problem was?

Thank you

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 Re: Symmons Temptrol Spindle
Author: NoHub (MA)

Was it a real Symmons stem of a knock off brand? The knock offs are "ALL JUNK", even the Brasscraft.

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 Re: Symmons Temptrol Spindle
Author: DrBT (CT)

The Symmons complete shower/tub unit was bought at Home Depot and I bought a new Symmons TA-10-RP Temptrol Spindle (what I call a diverter) at Home Depot and as yet have not removed it from it's packaging.

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 Re: Symmons Temptrol Spindle
Author: NoHub (MA)

replace the ta-10 (it's called a stem) and see what happens.

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