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 Flume smart home leak monitor
Author: Tom the Elder (CA)

My water provided is offering a $25 rebate for the Flume leak monitor. It is a sensor that straps to the water meter. It will send a notification to my phone if it detects a leak. The cost is $90 + $10 shipping, so total cost is $75 after the rebate. Since it does not actually connect to the piping it cannot shut of the water if a leak is detected but those that do cost $500+ not including install by a plumber.

Does anyone have experience with these? Are they worthwhile or is the water company pushing them because they get a cut of the profit?

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 Re: Flume smart home leak monitor
Author: hj (AZ)

WEll, it MAY tell you there is a problem,if the leak is bad enough, but what do you do then? Go home, call someone who has a key or can turn off the water meter? Unless you have a "plan B" it has no benefit.

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 Re: Flume smart home leak monitor
Author: Tom the Elder (CA)

The claim is that the monitor can detect even a small leak - like a dripping faucet. In the past I have found leaks in my irrigation system that were a lot bigger than that and appeared to have been ongoing for weeks. Knowing to fix those sooner would be good. For me, the main motivation is that my plumbing is 70 year old galvanized. I am trying to wait a couple more years before repiping, until some other upcoming major expenses are done. If the sub-floor piping starts to leak, hopefully this unit will alert me long before the problem is catastrophic. I went ahead and ordered one so I should know soon how sensitive it is. I will try to remember to post an update in a couple of weeks.

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