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 What happened? (Not a plumber)
Author: Bedens (AL)

We had a plumber out yesterday to replace a faucet on our bathroom sink (old, loose and the pull up stopper is broken.) The guy fiddled with the valves underneath the sink and told me they would need to be replaced because they wouldn’t shut the water off. Okay. He didn’t have those parts with him so he planned to get them and come back in a couple of days.

This bathroom sink is on the same water line as the tub/shower and also our kitchen sink and dishwasher. If you’re in the shower and someone turns on the kitchen faucet, you lose pressure in the shower.

So after the plumber left, we used the bathroom sink with no problems. I wasn’t aware of anything leaking underneath the sink at the time. A couple of hours later I turned on our dishwasher and after it finished went into the bathroom where I heard a “drip, drip” sound. I realized it was coming from underneath the sink and when I opened the cabinet there was water covering most of the bottom of it. I tried to see if I needed to turn something off underneath the sink and was able to turn the left side valve about 180 degrees to the right and the dripping stopped.

The bathroom faucet continues to work just fine, both for hot and cold water and there haven’t been any more leaks.

I don’t understand what happened. Why did my turning one of the valves stop the dripping but the water is still coming fine out of the faucet? Could the dishwasher filling up have had anything to do with all of the water leaking into the bottom of the cabinet? Maybe it had been dripping since the plumber left but we didn’t notice it until later?

Thanks to anyone for any help. I’m not sure if the plumber is coming back tomorrow or next week.

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 Re: What happened?
Author: bernabeu (SC)

packing gland leak

for sure

- - - -

Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638
"Measure Twice & Cut Once"

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 Re: What happened?
Author: bsipps (PA)

Yes you can usually find a sweet spot by turning the valve handle so the packing will not leak

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