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 Kitchen Sink Nightmare!
Author: kingd427 (SC)

My brother-in-law recently upgraded their kitchen and asked if I wanted their old, still nice, stainless sink. Sure! why not, easy job right? Our house was built in the early 70's in upstate South Carolina.

After changing out the sink and PVC traps, I went to hook-up the last PVC pipe to the galvanized line going into the wall when suprise, a leak. As I tried to adjust the coupling, I noticed a hole directly behind the threads. So do the correct thing I say to myself and replace it. Well, after replacing that a new leak has sprung from a hole in the cast iron tee in the wall.

So last night, I cut the tee out and replaced with two no hub adapters and a new pvc tee. I was very happy with myself for keeping my cool and just playing it out to the end. Well, when I turned the water back on it began to back up into the sink...bad! Somehow while cutting and replacing the tee, a bad clog has formed. I used a diamond blade in apposed to a chain break to cut the pipe but did not notice anything big fall down the pipe. Could it be a chunk of rust or something that dislodged due to shaking? If it is rust, will a typical drill powered auger take care of it or am I doomed and should be prepared to start cutting out the walls of the below laundry room to replace all of the cast iron pipe?

Such a simple project and I am ready to pull my hair out. Not to mention we're about to have to start doing dishes in the bathroom.

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 Re: Kitchen Sink Nightmare!
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

i have this issue all the time

you cut the pipe and vibrated it...all the grease on the walls of the pipe shook loose and is now a big glob clogging up the pipes....

hire a drain cleaner

this issue would have happened whether it was you or a plumber who did it...anytime you sawzall a pipe it could happen...seems very common for me on kitchen drains

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 Re: Kitchen Sink Nightmare!
Author: packy (MA)

first rule when cutting like you did.
clean the pipe while it is wide open.
so, congratulations on a leak free job but finish it with a good snaking.

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