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 how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: JoAnneNYI (NY)

We are doing a complete tear out with new plumbing for tub/shower combo. I would like a rainshower head with a handheld shower plus tub option. I plan to use Grohn diverter 29714000 with trim 19591000. Added to this the Grohe universal PB rough in 35015000 with matching trim.

I posted to SUM FL questions about this same valve but thought better start my own post.

So first have hot and cold entering the PB valve...then mixed water going to diverter ( 2 ins/3 outs) plugging up one of the inlets. One outlet going to overhead shower...one to supply elbow for handheld...and one to tub spout.

Other than having to configure the piping around the PB Valve to tub spout do you see any other problems?

I'm thing water pressure should not be a problem as diverter seems to work A/B/or C....no combinations.

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 Re: how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

ive never seen a diverter with 2 inlets...what the heck is the 2nd inlet for?

ive had issues with Grohe with depth...dont blindly listen to what the book says for proper depth...get the trim and make sure it will work....

a while back i found one of the books was wrong...i would have been a 1/2" too deep and screwed....

why did you choose Grohe?

i find it over priced and the trims have too much plastic...i would have stuck with a Kohler

ive never been impressed with Grohe or Hans Grohe....they cost 2x more and are oddly engineered

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 Re: how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: packy (MA)

i see no problems..

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 Re: how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: sum (FL)

I have the same valves in one of my bathrooms and I set it up the same way.

hot and cold supplies to the PB valve. Mine has two inlet (one hot one cold) and two outlets (one top one bottom). The tech from Grohe told me it's for convenience to have two outlets, they expect one of them to be plugged. From there I take it to the five port diverter, two inlets, three outlets. The two inlets again are for convenience which one you use, the other one is expected to be plugged.

The diverter than gives you three outlets. One for overhead, one for hand shower and one for tub. On one of mine I substituted the tub for two body sprays.

There is no combination. In my case I do not believe I have enough pressure to do combinations, if you do you can use thermostatic valves with individual volume controls to achieve the combination and no need for a diverter.

The only thing I would say is to make sure which port to use for which device. If you buy the Grohe diverter trim, the trims are labeled, overhead shower is in the "northwest" position, hand shower "north east" and tub "south", like this:

you want to use the corresponding outlet otherwise the trim might end up with the wrong label.

Also set the valve depth from the finished surface according to the plastic template.

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 Re: how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: JoAnneNYI (NY)

Thanks guys!

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 Re: how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: DIYfanatic (VA)

I was intimidated when i took the diverter and PBV out of the box. So, I hired a professional plumber to do the rough-in. The poor guy was so confused by the diverter and PBV, he plumbed the PBV to go directly to the (non-diverted) tub spout and to the tub OUTLET of the dirverter. He plumbed the overhead shower to the hand-held outlet and the hand-held to the overhead. I walked in to see the progress and noticed that he was just about to hook the hot and cold supplies to BOTH the PBV and the diverter! I explained the problem to him and he nearly broke down in tears. The plumbing company owner had to send someone else out to redo the whole job. Needless to say, I will do the work myself next time but NOT with Grohe.

The main technical flaw with the Grohe PBV/diverter combination is that, unlike a simpler Moen, you cannot control the volume of water coming out of the PBV; it's either on or off.

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 Re: how to set up my Grohe 5 port diverter--SUM FL
Author: maziyarcem (NJ)


We had an old shower system with a 5 port diverter which needed to be replaced as it was distributing the water into all three. I found the Grohe 5 port diverter. My father put it in. The water only comes out of the tub spout. When we turn the cartridge, the water stops and comes again from the tub spout. It doesn't send the water to the hand shower or the top arm. Is there a number we can call for help?

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