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 K-304-K Kohler Corolais Slow Drip
Author: sfollenius (NC)

Okay, so I have the above Valve, been lurking here trying read posts etc about how to repair. It appears the to replace the two parts inside the Valve would run $80 shipped, yet I can replace the entire valve for $65 shipped. Does it make sense just to replace the entire valve instead. I have a fiberglass surround with the cutout to access from the trim side. I have limited space, but I think I could manage to take it apart and fit all the parts through the hole (except the white ring inside. My thought is to attach that to a string so it doesn't fall down the wall and replace everything else. My drip is a slow drip through the shower (it's shower only). 1 drip about every 30 seconds or so.

Any help is appreciated, I am not experienced at plumbing but am technical an tackle many DIY jobs by learning like this.

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 Re: K-304-K Kohler Corolais Slow Drip
Author: mpscheiner (CA)

I've never seen the brass rough valve in the wall go bad on one of those valves. I'll buy the whole valve for cheaper than its repair parts, and just use the parts out of the new valve to repair the rough existing rough valve already in the wall. If I remember right, hot and cold will reverse in that valve if you put the stem in upside down, just reverse the stem if you run into this problem. And of course make sure the water is off before you take the valve apart......

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 Re: K-304-K Kohler Corolais Slow Drip
Author: sfollenius (NC)

Well I called Kohler, it was too easy, they are covering it under warranty and sending me the Cap and Pressure Balancing Unit. So I am going that route, wish me luck! I think I read somewhere that they usually send instructions with the parts, is this true? Also, do I need to lubricate the O-Rings when I do the install, I have this around here. What do I use for the lubrication.


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 Re: K-304-K Kohler Corolais Slow Drip
Author: jimmy-o (CA)

Parts like that will generally come from the manufacturer with a light coating of silicone grease on them. If they seem dry, use a little of that.

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 Re: K-304-K Kohler Corolais Slow Drip
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

Yes and be sure you know the proper location of all o-rings.Some including me have missed the o-ring on the cap and it can have very bad effects.test your rough install before the trim goes back on.this is the time to adjust the hot limit .Thought they might treat you right.again kohler is a good manufacturer.

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