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 Pot filler-outside wall
Author: SwimRunPlumb (MI)

I am plumbing a new house and the people want a pot filler that is on an outside wall. I am in Michigan. Usually anything on an outside wall comes through the floor up here in cold weather land. I obviously can't do that with a pot filler.

Advice on how to handle this?

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Can you go with an exposed supply line or does it "have" to be buried?

Best Wishes

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: jbowers (MA)

Just some ideas from an engineer...........

It should be OK "IF" you keep the supply near the inside of the wall "AND" if you are successful in getting the insulation contractor to only put insulation between the outside and the supply with nothing between the inside and the supply.

Another approach would be to use 3/4" copper and run it inside the cabinet to pick up heat and only go into the wall vertically to the filler in order to hide the minimum amount of pipe. The larger size will allow convection flow to help propagate heat into the wall.

I assume you can't put heat tape with a thermostat inside a wall???????? I would only do this if the tape were qualified for the conditions. (Probably doesn't exist.)

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

the first thing you do is say -'no warranty against frozen pipes'

after that its the homeowner/builders problem

i strongly recommend that spray foam behind the water pipe..in 2x6 walls ive had good luck with it not freezing here in WI....if you have 2x4 walls you have to the best you can.

i dont like any waters on outside walls or garage ceilings......i dont warranty it

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: birddoggiest (ID)

Can you use a deck mount pot filler? Mounts next to the stove through countertop and pipe it through the cabinets.

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: Scott the Plumber (PA)

I would not run a supply on an outside wall even if a "no warranty" was signed by the home owner. The larger pipe size inside, then to the outside wall, is just a theory and I wouldn't trust it. Go with a deck mounted pot filler, if possible. Always remember that a good attorney could cause you a lot of trouble (no matter what waivers are signed) if you know the install could have issues and cause a lot of expensive damage.

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: SwimRunPlumb (MI)

Thanks guys!

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 Re: Pot filler-outside wall
Author: bernabeu (SC)

ditto ditto ditto


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