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 small worm-like things in toilet
Author: mollygirl (FL)

we just got back from two weeks' vacation and upon lifting the toilet seat I was shocked to see small worm-like things (1/2 - 3/4"winking smiley moving in the bottom on the toilet. I flushed them down and thoroughly cleaned the toilet. Several hours later there was another one. Today there were two more.
We have a cat and I'm not sure if the cat sitter flushed any droppings down the toilet. We have two toilets and this has happened only in one of the toilets. We live in an older place--40 years--and the plumbing is original. Any thoughts as to what is happening would be appreciated.

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 Re: small worm-like things in toilet
Author: SMSPlumbing (MD)

You may want to call a pest management place. They might know about the worms.

If droppings were flushed down, they would have gone through the drain.

Were they in the tank too, or just the bowl, could have had some bug lay eggs in there.

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 Re: small worm-like things in toilet
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

Molly please .Remove the toilet tank cover,and pour five to ten onces of 5% by volume bleach in the over flow tube/small riser where the toilets small primer tube sprays water\.Leave this in the rim area for ten minutes and report back if any pests seem to still be present.How is the cat,s health?heart worm /ring worm?Fleas are back is the cat covered by epidermal oil treatment?Sorry could you say what water supplier you pay your bill to?If your inside Volusia county. I will visit you for free.

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 Re: small worm-like things in toilet
Author: SwimRunPlumb (MI)

It is probably mosquito larvae. They are called wigglers I believe. Not a big deal, just dump some bleach in the tank and flush.

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 Re: small worm-like things in toilet
Author: Shoemaker2 (MA)

Can you post a photo of what you are seeing?

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