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 One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: wrbriggs (VT)

I have an old American Standard 3gpf toilet in my basement that I would like to replace with a more efficient model. I will most likely be hiring a local plumber to do the install (as it may also involve adjusting my ejection pump to activate properly with a lower-flow toilet).

Just for my own edification, I have been researching prices for the Kohler Cimarron online. I am confused as to why a one-piece model goes for (on average) almost 2x the cost of a two-piece model? Is this common with toilets? Price aside, I think I might prefer a two-piece anyway, and am trying to figure out what benefit the one-piece brings for the extra dollars.

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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

It all in style.The cost, I believe is a waste problem during production of the one piece toilets ,Packaging, and shipping.Good Luck.

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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: redwood (CT)

I would encourage you to look at the Toto line...

Most of the 2 Piece models flush at least slightly better than 1 piece models. Some people just like the 1 pc. and lower profile look. I myself like 2 piece toilets better.

There is no adjustment required for the ejector pump required in changing toilets to low flow.

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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: dlh (TX)

not to mention there is less demand so higher prices

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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: e-plumber (NY)

To some people, they look better than a two piece toilet, they're more sanitary, they cost more probably because they don't sell as many as two pieces and if you have a sewage ejector tank, no adjustment should be needed to the pump float assembly.


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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: hj (AZ)

At one time the one piece toilets had the feature that they could not overflow if they were plugged. The low water consumption regulations killed that feature, so now about the only benefit is the cleaner look of the one piece. The low flush has absolutely no effect on your ejector pump system.

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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: wrbriggs (VT)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I just measured to verify that the rough-in on both toilets is 12" (wall to middle of bolt, right?), so it sounds like the Drake is an option. I located a local retailer who carries Toto products, and I think I'll swing by tomorrow just to price things out. Thanks for all the info!

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 Re: One piece vs. two piece toilets?
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

stick with 2 piece...they always flush better..

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