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 Bad mixing valve?
Author: bestbradly (MN)

The mixing valve on my hot water heater was leaking, and unable to be moved. With some help, it was taken apart, put back together and seemed to be working. Recently the water temperature from all faucets has started coming out hot, then drops in temp until just lukewarm.

I cranked it up as high as it would go, which seemed to improve things a little bit, but it's far from where it should be.

Does the valve just need to be replaced, or could something else be going on?


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 Re: Bad mixing valve?
Author: redwood (CT)

Replace it! Your Lobstah skin depends on it!

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 Re: Bad mixing valve?
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

I too agree to replace it. If not for you.... then your family.
Best Wishes

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 Re: Bad mixing valve?
Author: hj (AZ)

You may be able to just replace the element with a part from a new valve just like it.

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 Re: Bad mixing valve?
Author: bill the plumber

this mixing valve is a thermostatic mixing valve and MUST be installed and set by a PRO If tampered with and someone is scalded ,you may find yourself in court paying for pain & suffering plus medical cost

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 Re: Bad mixing valve?
Author: hj (AZ)

If it has to be set by a PRO, why would they have degree settings on the dial and not have a locking control knob?

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