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 how to remove moen shower handle
Author: dhorn

My relatively new Moen single-handle shower faucet started leaking. I suspect that there might be some crud in the valve. But I can't figure out how to remove the plastic handle so I can take it apart. There are no accessible screws on the surface of the handle. I tried gentle brute force to pull it away from the wall, but it doesn't budge. I also tried to remove the central plastic part, but it's not budging either, and I can't tell whether it is really removable. Any suggestions?

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 Re: how to remove moen shower handle
Author: Marksix

If you have the one with the acrylic crystal knob,the cap in the middle (usually says MOEN on it) pops off and there will be a screw beneath that that holds the knob to the valve shaft.

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 Re: how to remove moen shower handle
Author: mrpipe

if it is a lever handle, there is an allen screw on the bottom.

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 Re: how to remove moen shower handle
Author: redwood (CT)

Find your faucet at this link to obtain a pdf file with a parts drawing for your faucet. You will see how your handle attaches.


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 Re: how to remove moen shower handle
Author: dhorn

Thanks. It did have an acrylic cap with the name Moen on it, and it popped off pretty easily, revealing a screw underneath. Now that was easy! (with some expert advice)

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 Re: how to remove moen shower handle
Author: redsox33

does it have a glass knob on it ?when i replaced a delta tub faucet there was a plstic cap on the front pry it off with screwdriver and put hot vineagar on a washcloth and wrap it around the handle and let it sit about 10-15 minutes because of the built up lime scale i couldnt believe it worked.

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