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 Buying a new Toilet
Author: Anonymous User

I'm about to purchase a new toilet. I wanted to buy one that isn't too much more than $100-$160. I also want something that is going to have good suction and is economical. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: e-plumber (NY)

Toto has been recently listed as the best flushing toilet in recent publications.

The Drake, model CST-743S will cost you a little more than what you want to pay but it's worth it.

It has a larger than average flush valve opening (3"winking smiley and fully glazed trapway.

Good Luck. e-plumber

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 Buying a new Toilet
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

LOL. I find out these days that consumers will pay $100 for a dinner that will last an hour, but wouldn't consider a $200 that will last a lifetime.
Common sense would indicate that the Toto
Drake should not be overlooked because its a bit pricer, but more functional that most others. Go to: www.toto-usa.com for the latest info on the Drake and others.

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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: Anonymous User

Toto is a decent toilet, but I think you would be happiest with a Universal-Rundle toilet, specifically, the Atlas model.

The Atlas by Universal-Rundle is inexpensive, but has a very strong flush. It rarely plugs up, even if you use a lot of toilet paper.

If you do go with U-R (they may be a bit hard to find, call around to plumbing suppliers), make sure you use brass tank bolts. The toilet comes with plated steel bolts, which will soon rust. The brass bolts are only about $2.

Also, I would replace the original fill valve with a Fluidmaster 400-A fill valve, just because I believe the Fluidmaster is a reliable and easy to adjust valve.

A U-R Atlas toilet with these two simple, inexpensive modifications is one of the best performing toilets for the money. And they're fairly attractive too, in my opinion.

(I know I sound like a U-R rep, but I've had these toilets in my homes for years and swear by them.)


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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: Dunbar (KY)

I have always had good luck with Mansfield toilets, but until I came into posting in this forum.....supposedly Mansfield is a horrible toilet that clogs up easily.

Being a plumber of over 15 years, having such good luck with the 3 bolt pattern of tank to bowl and yes, the simplistic changeout of Mansfield flush valves washers; easy to find and no thirty kinds of flappers to deal with when it comes to servicing Mansfield toilets.

My most common problematic toilet experience has been Eljer toilets. Even on initial install with those damn tank to bowl spuds that hold the tank to bowl bolts.

Kohler seems to be a good product. I have heard nothing but good about Toto toilets.

American Standard I am at crossroads due to thier new version that has a similar flush assembly to Mansfield.

But beware.........it has small parts that can and will fail.

UR toilets are easy to repair. Strong flushes as mentioned.

Crane is another good brand name that comes to mind.

If you buy a toilet for under $50 dollars......good luck in your path to destruction. Economy grade toilets shouldn't even be produced.

So use best judgement.

I actually have a hard time finding places to buy a Mansfield toilet now, but they are so easy to service and on the 1.6 flush models you can hold the trip lever down for 10 seconds and the toilet will double flush.

Hard to do that on the baffled toilets out there.

15 years with no customer callbacks means something more than a simple comment made in this forum. I believe I have invested in a good product with easy to find parts.

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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: hj (AZ)

We are just starting to get a new brand of toilet in this area. The demonstration flushed 3 balls, (they were large enough that they stuck in the Toto toilet next to them), and 7 golf balls in a single flush. It also flushed a Matchbox truck through the toilet without stopping. American Standard also has a new model with a super large trapway.

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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: Anonymous User

Just bought a Toto Drake. It's darn impressive what they can do with 1.6 gallons these days.

Anyway, a very happy customer.

The Toto products appear on top of several consumer review lists.

Yes, it's over your budget somewhat. But I just swapped out one of my $100 dinners for the better toilet! smiling smiley (An interesting but true observation by that other poster.)

Martin Petersen

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 Re: Thank you
Author: Anonymous User

Thanks for your lengthy reply.

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 Re: Thank you
Author: plumber177 (NJ)

TOTO toilets start at 250.00 with slow close seat and go as high as $5,700.00 by far the best toilet out there

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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: flushmate01 (MA)

Is This Model A Open Rim Toilet Where The Water Comes Out From The Bowl By The Tank? My Uncle Has One And Loves It So We Will Probally Get A UR Thanks In Advance!

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 Re: Buying a new Toilet
Author: Surniarten28 (CO)


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